10 Reasons Why You Will Never Get Rich

money and cash goldIn this article I want to consider the 10 main reasons and the behaviors for which you will never become rich. As you read, try to understand which of these reasons belong to you or if you have this kind of behavior.

1) Lack of clarity in the objectives.

If you don’t define the concept inside you, what the concept of “wealth” means, you will never get it.
The specificity in creating a goal is the basis of your journey. Getting rich is not a specific thing. Imagine if you set on your GPS navigator to take you to a specific place. You will need to indicate the city, road and country you want to reach precisely, because your GPS will ask you for this information.

You also have a GPS inside you :). If you do not know which way to go to reach a place (wealth) you will never be able to reach it.

Wealth for you could be a monetary figure, a monthly income, or anything else that allows you to live the life you want without having to work (or at least work very little).

We can enclose the concept of wealth in this way:
“Understand the lifestyle you want, understand how much money you need and then create income that generates profits that are useful to pay our lifestyle”.

That’s why you have to understand first what the concept of wealth means to you. In this way you will begin the career path to be able to afford the lifestyle you want to achieve.

2) Define the wealth to make it impossible to reach.

If for you that you live a humble life, the concept of wealth could be to earn 50 million dollars by next year, it will hardly happen.

The wealth to which you have to “inspire” must be a wealth that therefore has a feasibility. Until you change, you do not acquire the skills and knowledge to create high income, you will need a technical time to do this.

Your goal must therefore be realistic.

3) Don’t be convinced that you can reach wealth

If you too set specific and achievable goals but your beliefs and limitations convince you otherwise, you will never achieve those goals. Let’s understand if there is any block inside you that prevents you from realizing yourself, such as: “if I earn too much I will be badly judged by others“, “I can’t earn more than my parents“, “ I do not deserve wealth” etc …

If these beliefs go against your goals, even in this case you will never be able to reach them.

If you come from a humble family, you will surely believe that you can never make money, because it would go against what they taught you. It is like a program inside a computer, it cannot be questioned, because this program installed inside you, makes you perform all those actions, which will never lead you to wealth.

4) Lack of saying “I must”new skills develop

If in your mind it has no impositions or internal commitments and there are words and concepts like: “I could”, “I would like”, etc.. you will hardly be able to accomplish anything.

If instead in your mind there are concepts like “I must”, then this inner commitment will allow you to achieve what you want.

Anthony Robbins says: “If you can’t, then you must” and if you have to then you will get it. When your excuses become commitments, then you will have taken the right path to achieve wealth.

5) Depend on the “gurus” and don’t take your responsibility

In recent years we have experienced enormous financial crises. So many people have lost everything, many of whom have committed suicide. The responsibility in those cases depends only on us. Even if we entrusted our money to someone who promised us earnings, we chose that person.

Experts can be found everywhere: in supermarkets, on TV, on the Internet and even in the bank. How many times did your bank manager propose you “fabulous” investments? But how much did your bank manager really generate with that investment? 🙂 I think I explained myself.

Don’t give your financial freedom in your hands you have fake experts, but only to people who really have a history that can teach you something, because they got it.

6) Allow the financial crisis to become a financial catastrophe

The big rich get rich in times of financial crisis. In certain situations there is no need to hope for something to happen, but we can act in such a way that it becomes an opportunity.

7) Live your life as a company

You will surely know that each company aims to make a profit. The difference between revenues and expenses must make a profit. A very simple concept. You should live your life the same way. So that your life, every year, both positive. This is important because it has not only to do with a strictly monetary concept, but has to do with your emotional level. Your life lived positively.

If you spend 90% of your time with people you don’t like, doing a job you don’t like, maybe having family conflicts, having few pleasures and fun, your personal business (your life in the last year) will be at a loss. At this point you have to change what generates this loss. You have to commit yourself to have an emotional profit in your life by making smart chosen ones.

8) Being conditioned by others

Never let yourself be conditioned by the emotional reactions of others. Know, that if you make even drastic choices in your life, other people will try to hinder you.

They will want to give you advice that (for them) is right. But they have never achieved financial independence, so they cannot give you advice in this regard.

If you are the entrepreneur of yourself, you have to make the choices and only you, without external influences.

9) Combining negative emotions and beliefs to create and own wealth

You don’t have to have something in you that blocks the possibility of becoming rich. Money only amplifies what you are. If you are a greedy person, you will become greedy. If you are a person who loves to help others, then you will spontaneously help more people, because you will have more money to do it.

10) Follow the advice from those who have achieved nothing

If you want to get rich, who will you ask? Certainly to a billionaire and not to those who have no money. When you need to ask for advice, ask those who have already achieved results and are experts in that field, not to those who know nothing.

This is important because if you had an entrepreneurial idea for example and asked your best friend what he thinks, he will tell you that you are doing a stupid thing. This relates to step 8 above, because your friend will have emotional reactions that are contrary to his beliefs and will therefore try to hinder you.

Pay attention to this: he will not try to hinder you because he does not care about your friendship, but because he himself does not have a concept of wealth like that which you want to develop, probably because he has never even tried to take this path.

This applies to anything. The logic is simple. You have to stay close and approach those people who have the knowledge and already live on these things. Only they will be able to guide you to achieve success.

Try to figure out which of these 10 points you apply every day, because they will have to disappear, or you will never be able to reach the wealth you desire.

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