4 mistakes to avoid in time management

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Time management is one of the personal skills that I consider decisive for productivity, we often hear about it even if in fact there is a fundamental conceptual error.

Time cannot be managed, we should actually speak of personal management as time itself cannot be directly manipulated, however, for convenience, I will continue to speak of time management.

If you are tired of always arriving late for appointments or simply want to improve your ability to manage time or increase your productivity to work less, avoid making these 4 mistakes.

4 most common mistakes in time management to avoid

# 1 Lack of scheduling

Scheduling is the first step in managing your time without errors. Planning your activities has a motivating effect and increases concentration, once tried, it is difficult to go back.

To plan your time effectively, create simple lists of concrete actions to carry out, write down the individual actions rather than the general result you want to achieve, decide when you want to carry out a certain activity and how much time you want to dedicate to it.

It is also very useful to define and plan the priorities of each activity in advance, for example using a scale from 1 to 5 or literal A-E.

Always devote, when possible, the first energies of your day to activities with the highest priority.

# 2 Leave out the breaks

In second place among the errors in time management we find the breaks.

Weighted stops are essential for proper time management, alternating activity with breaks is a very effective strategy for maintaining focus and concentration.

Our brain has difficulty maintaining a state of complete concentration for a long period and the interludes are useful for re-establishing the right focus.

It is no coincidence that the tomato technique involves 25 minutes of work alternating with 5 minutes of break. For more complex activities, on the other hand, it is useful to interleave 2-3 hours of work with a 30-minute break in order to recover energy.

If you have followed the advice to mark all the activities you have to carry out, you can mark them in black, and breaks and leisure activities in red, consider them as an effective part of the job and not as a moment of non-productivity.

# 3 Don’t pin anything

I have already told you about the importance of pinning down ideas and thoughts so as not to lose anything of the things that go through your mind.

From a time management perspective, writing down ideas and assignments has the advantage of effectively organizing future time.

Pinning and using a to do list, the list of activities to be carried out during the day has the advantage of being able to set priorities for action, always leave with the longest assignment and take advantage of downtime to carry out the simplest activities you have noted .

Also, if you are often distracted by ideas, things to do, record everything that buzzes in your head on a notebook like moleskine, you will simply do it later.

# 4 Don’t calculate the real hours

Imagine having your project or an endless list of things to do. To try to do everything, you usually calculate in mind the number of hours required to complete the tasks you need to do.

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So far so good, but if you can’t get a lot of your activities done it could be because you’re not counting the real hours.

For example, if you go to the gym from 20.30 to 22.00 and you think you can dedicate an hour to the realization of your project after this activity, you are probably wrong.

In that hour after the gym you will probably be too tired, unmotivated and not very concentrated, maybe you will be able to work for 30 minutes with little focus and little productivity.

It is therefore not a real time that you can actually calculate to carry out demanding activities.

From now on, to calculate the hours available to you, consider only the real hours, that is, the really useful and productive ones, for example after the gym go to sleep early and cut out a real hour the next morning.

For a real time optimization you must:

– Plan the use of your time
– Take advantage of breaks
– Always pin your ideas
– Consider only the actual hours available to you

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