4 things to wake up your mind power (and use it)

Your mind is synonymous with perfection, with power. It is a miracle of the universe and there is nothing that minimally comes close to the great power it has. There is nothing comparable to that small organ that is in your skullcap. It is a jewel that goes beyond any technological invention, is unsurpassed and has divine powers … 🙂

To regain control of the mind, we must detach ourselves from it. We have to put it aside and stay to watch it. What happens when we just observe his work? It happens that we return to our real role, that is, the role of observers.
We are not the mind and if we fall into the trap of identifying with it we are fried. She takes the reins, control of your life, and you will live on anxieties and anxieties for the rest of your days.
Our task is to decide what to make her think, how to make her react to the life that is presented to her and why not, to decide even when it is the case that she should be silent.

The mind as an engine

We can compare the mind (and also the body) to an engine. If the effort burns (causing stress), if you don’t turn it on for a while, it engulfs (generating depression and apathy). To maintain her efficiency, and therefore her health, we must take care to make her maintain a certain regimen of activity, just like any other muscle.
And in addition to a healthy business, we must worry about its maintenance … if you do not change the oil sooner or later, you will have to change the machine, right? And if they told you that the car you have now will be the only one you can have for the rest of your life, how would you treat it?
Mind and body are in close connection with each other and everything the mind will work on will inevitably also affect the body. Emotions are a clear example of this connection. When you feel shy your cheeks turn red, when you hold grudges your stomach burns, when you feel fear your heart speeds up the beats …

Emotions are the physiological product of our thoughts. And if emotions determine the quality of our life, it means that the quality of our life is directly proportional to the quality of our thoughts. What you give is what you will have!

But let’s see the two extreme cases in which an incorrect use of the mind / body connection occurs and what physiological reactions can take place:
We think too much and do not take action: in this case we will raise the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. The nerves will reach our skin, we will be nervous, irascible and unhappy with ourselves. Our self-esteem will go underfoot. This is the optimal situation to make most of the diseases manifest. The mind produces energy but the body does not discharge it by not acting. The action brings results and it is frustrating for the mind to find that nothing has materialized from all his thinking. We are vibrational beings inserted in a vibrational environment. We are creators and if we do not create we exclude ourselves from the Project … the branch that does not bear fruit, or that dries up, is pruned … In a nutshell:

thinking too much (without acting) kills happiness.

We act without even thinking: … and we will find ourselves doing a lot of wrong things. Poorly thought out actions lead to unwelcome results. If we jump from ten meters in height without thinking we can hurt ourselves … we will hurt ourselves!

Instinct is a good thing. Our feelings often reveal things to us that escape the mind. But sensations also have to be trained because most of the times these are just a product of the mind and can be deceiving. In a nutshell: the thought likes to disguise itself as intuition. The solution? Train the mind (or allow it to commit suicide) to be able to return to trusting our intuition, and therefore to find enlightenment again. Brilliant ideas are not thought of, they happen, like lightning bolts. Activating intuition is like activating a transceiver. It is capable of capturing forms of energy that escape the rational mind. It simply encodes them … and maybe wants you to believe you thought of them. But this is now beyond our discussion. This is a life changing perspective, I know!
Rare are the people who use the mind … few who use the heart … and only those who use both.

The solution to these two extreme attitudes, as always, lies in the middle. Thought and action must work in synergy, they must find coherence between them in order to give their best. As Pascal said, there are two very dangerous excesses: to exclude reason and not to admit that reason. If you pull too much the rope will break, if you don’t pull it enough it won’t sound …

Active and passive thought (not your)

I admit that I made a lot of effort to extrapolate this concept from the different studies I did. But I still believe I managed to make it simple enough to explain it here. Einstein said that if you are unable to explain something to your grandmother, it means that you have not understood it. Well, let me know in the comments if I was able to make the following clear (if you are a psychologist, psychotherapist or similar, do not take it if I will be a little academic).
We can divide thought into two types of thought.

Active thinking: (internal thinking or creative thinking) is the thought that I consciously decide to undertake and that involves action or creation. It is not an end in itself and its purpose is to manifest itself in the physical world. Thoughts (of this type) become things. I think that bread is missing and I’m going to buy it, I think how much I love my wife and I tell her, etc … The same intuition is an active thought, or rather, it could become if you accept it, make it your own and act to make it happen. But intuition, as mentioned before, is not thought of and originates from passive thinking …

Passive thinking: (or receptive) in this case we are not bothering to think, we have let go of the mind, we observe it and we observe the thoughts it generates. There is passive thinking when we relax, when we meditate, when we do what we like. We are not controlling the mind and it is in total reception, predisposed to receive intuitions. But not only. The dialogue of our mind is not always quiet, and although we remain in the role of observers, it continues its confusional chatter.
I would like to add something more about passive thinking. The mind is constantly chatting, even when you think you have silenced it. She is always there and does nothing but do her job. It’s like the computer processor. It seems that sometimes he stops working but if you go to see in the activity log he always has something to deal with.

Do you want to take a psychiatric examination or have you prescribed psychiatric drugs? Lock yourself in the room alone, without distractions, take pen and paper and start honestly writing all the thoughts that cross your mind, uncensored, so quickly. Then take this sheet to your doctor and you will be answered (if you do not say that I suggested it to you).
But do not worry. We are all in this together. We are all at the mercy of this healthy madness. Thought is a drug and is capable of changing the chemistry in our body. We are so addicted to it that we no longer even notice that it happens, just like breathing. It has become an automatism that takes us away from the reality of things, from our present. And where does this relentless murmur escape? He finds it in the dream phase.

Dreaming is necessary because it allows us to stay healthy. Through dreams the thought is released and frees us from the accumulation of blablabla that occurred during the day. The night is a catharsis, a purification for the mind. Finding it is simple. Pay attention to how you feel before going to bed after a particularly busy day, and after waking up. Another person, right? Scientists say that if we are deprived of our dreams for a few days, our hours of sleep, we will go crazy. This is because no catharsis has occurred and this blablabla will explode into crazy thoughts and actions.

How to wake up the power of your mind

If the mind is tired, it will be distracted, confused, we will make bad decisions, we will not be creative … A rested mind is instead reactive and predisposed to react in the best way to external events. Keeping our mind efficient allows us to be more lucid, more innovative, more focused on our goals. But above all, it allows us to enjoy a healthy and happy life.
Here are 4 steps to keep our mind effective and awaken its powers:

1. Show your gratitude: being consciously grateful for everything you have, the fortunes that have been granted to us and that others lack, guarantees us a certain level of well-being and peace of mind. Gratitude is positive mental energy and if it is true that what is similar attracts, be sure that the things for which you will be grateful will increase with the passage of time. Being grateful allows us to increase our self-esteem and makes us strong in facing daily challenges, it helps us to give the right value to things, to people.

2. Get organized: Henry Ford said that no task is difficult if you divide it into many pieces. If you think of building a house like this, overnight, without knowing where to start and where to end, you would risk seeing the mission more difficult than it is. If, on the other hand, you started to worry about the foundations first, then the plumbing, the walls, the roof … it would be very different. Each task if divided is easier for our mind. And it is even easier if the different tasks are pinned and then crossed out. Organized things, perhaps pinned on a weekly schedule, weigh less on the mind. In this way, the memory of the commitment to be carried out must not be continuously fished out. In a nutshell: if you use an agenda, you will lift your mind from the task of writing everything down.

3. Think positive: oh well, I wouldn’t add anything else, what do you say? If we complain, judge and waste time seeing the half-empty glass of things, I doubt that our mind can then rejoice, much less be grateful.
The optimist lives on the island of infinite possibilities. The pessimist is stranded on the island of perpetual indecision (W.A. Ward).

4. Break the routine: if you find yourself doing the same things every day, you find yourself getting bored, there is something that is getting out of hand … and that is escaping your mind. Find new stimuli for your brain, eat a different dish, dress like you’ve never dressed, change your way to go shopping … change your shopping! The essence of life is change. Try the new one! When things don’t change life, it doesn’t evolve.
Training the mind, as well as training the body and spirit, must be a daily habit. Your operations center, your cockpit, needs careful daily maintenance and who can worry about this if not you?

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