8 steps to build self-esteem at workplace

self esteem at workplace

Having self-esteem at workplace is definitely as important as having self-esteem in other aspects of your life.

Gaining greater confidence in the workplace certainly derives from some characteristics of one’s personality.
Successful people in the workplace have peculiarities that made them so.

Let’s analyze the qualities to understand how they manage to have self-esteem at work:

  • they are people oriented to obtain results, which are obtained by completing the work started;
  • they want to learn new things and contribute;
  • they do not hesitate in what they are doing;
  • they enjoy excellent communication skills;
  • they are good at planning and managing their time;
  • they are focused in what they do and do not let themselves be distracted by anything else;
  • they are very disciplined and proactive.

We can summarize that self-esteem is the recognition of our values ​​and qualities. No important result can be achieved if we ourselves are rowing against it.

Self-esteem is something that some inherit or acquire immediately. Other people, on the other hand, have to get it hard, especially at work. The proximity of a particularly brilliant colleague can drag us into a vortex of irremediable self-destruction.

Self esteem at workplace = results

People with self-esteem are geared towards achieving results, completing the things they start with, are always willing to learn new things and take on exciting challenges.

They are communicative and focused on what they do, they never compare themselves to others and they appreciate their uniqueness. Perhaps most importantly, they are not afraid of making mistakes because they know that every failure brings with it an important teaching. As you can see, mentality plays a fundamental role in how reality can be perceived.

Having self-esteem at workplace can make a difference. Obsessively repeating that you are unable to do anything, that you are incapable or inept is the best way to condemn yourself to a life of cumbersome frustration.

Positively predisposing and relying on a winning mentality (which, as we have already said, also contemplates the possibility of failure) is a choice that, almost certainly, will reward us in the long run by granting us physical and mental well-being.

8 steps to follow to increase your self-esteem at work

From these characteristics we can draw the lines of action that you can follow to have confidence in yourself also in the workplace:

  • 1. Always be positive. Even on a bad day you have to try to smile and think positive. This will influence your working day making it efficient and productive.
  • 2. Be mentally and physically present on what you are doing. Your head doesn’t have to think about anything else, but you have to be focused on the work that has been given to you in order to complete it.
  • 3. Don’t think you already know everything. Whether you have been in the workplace for just one day, or if you have been working in the same place for many years, do not believe you know everything there is to know. The reality is that you can always learn something new and useful every day, so as to expand your knowledge and skills in your area.
  • 4. Ask a lot of questions. Asking good questions means that you are interested in what you are doing. Don’t be afraid or be too lazy in asking questions to your employer or colleague.
  • 5. Always use common sense. By looking at others, learning from your mistakes, by asking questions, you can understand how things work and use common sense well.
  • 6. Create your own value. We were all born with talent that we must cultivate and use for others. Valuing your talent will make you feel better about what you are doing and will make you achieve important results in the workplace.
  • 7. Adapt to change. Workplaces change their organization very quickly. So don’t be afraid to accept a transformation or a new opportunity as it will improve you and make you learn new skills. You will surely have greater value.
  • 8. Make friends with your work colleagues. Do not miss the opportunity to build good relationships with colleagues, who can also help you with your work. Developing friendships then makes you feel part of the team.

Gain confidence (and therefore success) in what you do.
These easy tips can help you increase self-esteem at workplace and gain success and confidence in what you do.

And do you know what? Having self-esteem at work will also benefit you at other times in your life.

3 other ways to increase your self-esteem

What can you actually do to become people who believe more in themselves and who are not afraid of getting involved? Some suggestions we try – humbly – to provide you:

Define your goals

Huge importance is given by motivation. A person who navigates on sight, without having full awareness of where he wants to land, is a person destined to shipwreck. When self-esteem seems to remain in the shadows, it is good to remind yourself that you are working to achieve a specific goal.

Buying a house or car, a weekend at the beach with your partner, signing up for a singing course or organizing a trip out of town with friends can be the reasons that make sense to our actions. You will get up in the morning with the desire to approach the finish line.

You don’t have to be an ambitious without brakes, the important thing is that inside you there is always the desire to work towards something you don’t have.

Do something you enjoy and reward

Not everyone is lucky enough to do the job they dreamed of as children. On the contrary: most find themselves stuck in a precarious and not very rewarding working condition.

How to get out of this tunnel that seems to pave the way for an overdose of low self-esteem? Repeating that what we are doing is preparatory to something that, sooner or later, will enhance us as we deserve.

And giving us moments of pleasant escape. Reading a book that we are passionate about, watching a movie, visiting an exhibition, chatting with a dear friend are things that we must never give up, if they manage to provide us with full well-being.

Being well and doing something that we like and gratifies us (outside the office) will help us, in fact, to better face the work fatigue and to have a higher opinion of ourselves.

The importance of doing something that can help others is also not to be underestimated. Becoming aware of how valuable (however small) our contribution may be to others is a great way to cultivate our self-esteem.

Take care of relationships with others

You must always consider yourself part of a larger network. Those who live in “isolation mode” and do not take care of relationships with others, will hardly have a perception of their value (unless they are endowed with an immeasurable ego).

Those who surround themselves with positive people, who appreciate him for what he is or who has become, will easily manage to overcome his self-esteem problems and become aware of the merits and qualities that others already widely recognize.

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