Address a problem: the mind is your limit


Every obstacle that Life encounters does not avoid it, it overcomes it. So we humans do … when we don’t give up! Those with greater resilience do better in this but even the least experts, sooner or later, must get used to the forced changes that this existence imposes, therefore they must grow, evolve to a better version of themselves … or succumb.

Jacques Lock, a member of the Rockefeller Institute, through some experiments on plant pests, showed how even the smallest beings adapt to the natural change that Life imposes and through which it thrives and spreads.

J.Lock placed vases with roses in front of windows. As long as it was alive, the plant’s aphids drew nourishment from its sap. These aphids were wingless.

But the rose, left purposely without water, died after a few days. The aphids encountered an obstacle, that is, they had lost their nourishment. What happened was that these little beings made temporary wings grow to fly away, towards the light of the window.

Mother Nature, your true Mother, knows no obstacle that cannot be overcome. If limits exist these create them the human mind but do not correspond to Truth. The limits are nothing but illusions that we believe are real but the only reality is that the limits do not exist, only objectives exist.

The obstacles that separate you from what you want to achieve are nothing more than the poles that show you the way to reach your destination. What you should ask yourself is if you are willing to work to overcome them.

As soon as you keep the focus on the goal, the solution appears by itself.

How not to overcome the obstacles

Before finding out how to overcome obstacles, it seems appropriate to understand what not to do. The way you use the mind determines the direction of your life but you are not the mind. The mind is a tool, you are the user. To control the mind you don’t need the mind, you need presence.

When you are present “now” you have everything under control, when you get lost in mental chatter and identify yourself with thought. But thought is an endless film, projected onto the screen of your brain. You can observe it or you can get involved. You can check it or get checked. You can silence the mind to find yourself or you can lose yourself in the inner dialogue until you no longer find yourself, this is also a choice.

Having said that, however, we can realize one thing, that is, that inside our head we are two. There are those who speak and there are those who listen. You are the one who listens and that if only you wanted you could take the reins of the dialogue in hand, and then there is the other (the thinking entity) who, if left free, attacks with his usual blowjobs. Yes, usual blowjobs because his arguments repeat themselves like a broken record. In the incessant inner dialogue there is no creativity, innovation, there is only a repetition of information already known, elaborated and reworked to the point of nausea.

This incessant reprocessing of data stored in memory survives because an emotional memory is linked to each data. Whatever thoughts you have, any mental image of the past / future / present you can bring back, is intrinsically linked to an emotion otherwise it would not have been possible to engrave yourself in your mind. We are emotional beings and we cannot live without feeling anything. If anything, emotions can be managed to avoid being overwhelmed by them, but they cannot be canceled.

Inner dialogue is harmful, why? Because if it is not stopped, if we do not stop identifying with it, we will be overwhelmed by losing the opportunity to hear our true voice, the voice of the Soul. Soul is expressed through the sixth sense, intuition, through sensations, visions, ideas, flashes of genius … capturing these energy bodies is possible in the instant that we remain present in the now. And presence means silence …

If you can grasp the present moment, if you can change it by changing your perception, you will have obtained the key to consciously change your life. Change who you are right now and you will have changed everything. Come back to the here & now and overcoming obstacles will be like breathing, a natural process.

Here is a short list of things that the little voice in your mind leads you to do and which does not allow you to overcome obstacles:

– continue to remain in a state of fear
– keep the guilt alive
– attack and defend stereotyped, harmful and poorly thought out habits
– refuse to have self-discipline to create / manifest the new
– avoid emotions like love, joy, gratitude and sharing
– feed the complaint and pessimism
– blame and judge the actions of others and their own
– feel a sense of inferiority
– find excuses to justify yourself and not to take full responsibility for yourself

This list could stretch further, right? I want to close this paragraph with a short video. It is a scene from the movie “The never ending story”. The unfortunate Artax has allowed sadness to take over … here’s another thing that we cannot allow to happen if we want to overcome our obstacles!

How to overcome the obstacles that life presents to you

Choose useful information for your well-being and purpose.
The unconscious mind is in continuous reception, it constantly absorbs every type of signal that the conscious mind sends it. You have the right and the right to choose what to feed it knowing well that you will reap the fruits of what you are sowing.

Stay focused on the goal.
Don’t lose sight of your mission: love, create, share. If you stay focused on who you are, everything will be fine. Do not be distracted and do not allow the outside world to interrupt your path. The steps you take in the most difficult moments are also the most impactful. Who sows in tears will reap in joy (Psalm 126)

Be grateful for the difficulties.
Each obstacle brings with it the seed of luck of tomorrow. Beyond any difficulty, there is a dream that asks for nothing more than to be lived. Therefore, thank the possibility that you have to face the challenges of living and that allow you to continuously evolve towards who you are wishing to be, towards a better version of you.

Be compassionate towards those who can’t.
Many people next to you may interfere with your purpose, you know that. Be deaf to complaints and blame, just offer the world the best you can. There is a saying that says what you do speaks so loud that I can’t hear what you say. There! The only way you have to help those who cannot keep the right course is to bring your contribution with the facts, not with the words.

Don’t get lost in useless banging beaks that solve nothing, act!

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