What does it mean to “have self-confidence?” Confidence in yourself is confidence in your abilities and living your life in freedom. Suffering from lack of self-confidence is one of the main causes of our suffering, in particular people with little faith in their abilities: – They have a passive attitudeRead More →


Social anxiety disorder is the situation in which the person has the fear of social activities in which there is the involvement of interaction with other people. Social anxiety is not shyness. People think that shyness and social anxiety are the same, but they aren’t. It can also be consideredRead More →

create your success with a life vision

Why having a vision is the most important thing in your life? Because vision is what guides you to achieve your goals. Having a vision means being alive within you, it means being guided by the desire to escape from the “normal life” that someone would want for you. HavingRead More →