how to stop procrastination

No one has a solution, but in this guide proposed by Quartz you will find some tricks that, to try to reduce the habit of procrastination, also seem to investigate between in depth reasons for this “habit” (such as fear, self-deception and some automatic mechanisms). 1. DO THE FIRST STEP.Read More →

money and cash gold

In this article I want to consider the 10 main reasons and the behaviors for which you will never become rich. As you read, try to understand which of these reasons belong to you or if you have this kind of behavior. 1) Lack of clarity in the objectives. IfRead More →


How can awareness create wealth? Your awareness is what determines your results and creates wealth. The thoughts, feelings and actions you express are the result of the seeds you plant in your life. The things that happen in your life are the fruits of the seeds you planted. Abundance isRead More →

Fear of being judged by other people, is certainly one of the most blocking fears you may have. Maybe you don’t like to accept it because it would be like to admit that you are “weak”, but inside you, you know i’m right. Does being criticized is bothering you? DoRead More →

How do you see the problems you encounter during all the days you live? Are they obstacles or opportunities? Based on the answer you give to these 2 questions, you can understand if your mind is in prison or free. The mind does not observe reality as it appears, but itRead More →

Achieving Goals with intuition

Have you ever had the impression that something was suddenly going to happen and in the end it really happened? We can call it intuition or instinct. Why develop intuition? Developing intuition promotes good communication, makes you more sensitive to situations that surround you and makes you very creative. IntuitionRead More →