avoid mistakes time management

Time management is one of the personal skills that I consider decisive for productivity, we often hear about it even if in fact there is a fundamental conceptual error. Time cannot be managed, we should actually speak of personal management as time itself cannot be directly manipulated, however, for convenience,Read More →

Every thought you emanate is an imperishable vibration that oscillates in unison with every particle of the universe, and if your thoughts are noble, holy and vigorous, they will vibrate every mind that is in harmony with them. Just create in us a dominant thought for all the others toRead More →


The comfort zone is the space where many people recline because they feel safe and protected in this area. Stress and risks are reduced to a minimum and this provides us with a state of “mental peace”. The comfort zone creates invisible borders beyond which one does not dare goRead More →

7 tips improve concentration

The drop in attention is often given by physical fatigue, boredom, stress and multitasking. How can we learn to focus, especially on the days when we experience one of these situations? Experts suggest an approach capable of intervening on several fronts that will minimize both internal and external distractions, improvingRead More →