Achieving Goals with intuition

Have you ever had the impression that something was suddenly going to happen and in the end it really happened? We can call it intuition or instinct. Why develop intuition? Developing intuition promotes good communication, makes you more sensitive to situations that surround you and makes you very creative. IntuitionRead More →

Personalty Development

How personality development can improve your life? Any idea that is imprinted in our mind sooner or later manifests itself in real life, covering the most appropriate physical form. Anyone who tries to get something, always needs a higher effort, a confidence in himself. Every challenge requires a greater moralRead More →

Mindset for goal achieve

Can your really change your mindset ? The answer is yes. There are basically 2 types of people: those who are successful and always manage to achieve their goals (in work and personal life) and those who lose the hope to see their dreams becoming true. Why do these differencesRead More →

If you are wondering why beliefs are so important in your efforts at transforming your life, let me step you through the process. Look around you. Notice that there are all sorts of stimuli in the outside world that you can see. Hear, taste, smell and touch. These are ourRead More →

Fixed and growth mindset

Growth mindset: how to develop it in 4 steps. Virtually, all great people who’ve been successful in any field have possessed growth mindset qualities but how can you develop them in yourself ? 1) Learn to hear your fixed mindset voice when faced with a new challenge The voice mightRead More →