Mindset and beliefs changing with the right actions.

Growth Mindset

The small actions repeated over time are the best way to rebuild yourself,  your identity and your mindset.
Set goals for yourself, they will help you reach them more easily. No matter how long you can take reach them, the thing that counts is the constancy of raising the level of what you do day after day.

Like people, even companies, they can believe they are perfect for a given task, or they can never be. A fixed mindset judges itself as good or bad, with no middle ground. Who has a fixed mindset, seeks approval while those with a growth mindset seek personal development in order to improve themselves in everything they do. But the most important thing of the fixed mindset is to be prevented from understanding the mistakes and therefore will not learn from them, but the defeat will be for them only a confirmation of the pride incapacity, ending up hiding behind excuses without trying to improve through practice , seeing only the risky side. The growth mindset is the key to achieving, without doubts.

How to develop a growth mindset.

  • Focus on abundance: if you lack anything like money, concentrate and think about the many money-making possibilities the world can offer you. You will be surprised at how suddenly you will present many solutions and possibilities to achieve this purpose.
  • Switch from apathy to happiness: rejoice in what surrounds you. The little things, like food, your home, your friends will move from apathy to positivity and you will also notice the opportunities you have never focused so far. Your mood will become positive and this will develop a different perception around you and it will become easier to focus on abundance.
  • Organize everything: from the folded clothes in the right way, your documents in order and a tidy house. In this way you will be more disciplined and you will start to see more positive and concrete results.
  • Media and advertising, I can be generators of mental scarcity:It is very important to change your source of stimuli, for example by stopping watching news reports, temporarily eliminating mass media and TV from your life. Maybe only records the programs that interest you. He attends people with an abundance mindset. You must be very selective of people you frequent, because they will have to join your “abundance ecosystem.”
  • Share what you have: for example if you feel you do not have enough money, donate a part (maybe even very small). Do not you feel loved? Love yourself. When you do these actions, you will hardly miss them.

Always remember to yourself: use for example written notes and place them in clearly visible places.  Read them many times a day, for example on the desk or on the refrigerator or on a mirror.

I know you’re probably thinking that this is somehow some way the magic bullet that would solve all sorts of problems in your life. I understand your excitement. There’s definitely a lot to get pumped up about.

However, there’s a problem with states of flow. It’s kind of like starting a fire. There are three ways you can start a fire.

You can use pine cones or other easily combustible material that is light, fluffy or well-spaced apart. Loose coconut fibers are much like pinecones.

Alternatively, you can use twigs and branches. These are a little thicker, a bit longer and harder.

Finally, you can use logs to get a campfire.

Keep in mind that your choice of materials play a big role on your outcome.

Let’s start with pinecones. When you start a fire with a pine cone, you get a really nice flame. In fact, the flame is going to shoot out. It ignites that fast. It’s nice and bright.

This is very similar to your enthusiasm and fascination and flirtation when you get excited about a new idea or a new project or a new person. It starts out bright but, unfortunately, it flames out just as quickly. It is short-lived unless you keep piling on coconut fiber or pinecones into the flickering fire that you have.

If you choose to start a fire with twigs and branches, it’s very similar to having focused goals. You’re not just fixated on the emotional intensity of what you’re doing but you are focused on your goals and this is an improvement.

The problem is, just like with twigs and branches that need constant air and replenishment or else it will flame out, you need constant attention and a lot of structure. However, just like building a fire with twigs and branches, you can last longer if you constantly refocus on your goals.

Finally, you can start a fire with logs. If you’ve ever gone camping, you know that this is the most time-intensive. This takes a long, long time. In fact, you have to burn a lot of stuff around the logs just to heat the logs and get them to catch fire.

The good news is once you get them going, you don’t have to do much else. They keep burning on and on and on all throughout the night. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people to wake up and look at the campfire the next day and there are still bright embers courtesy of the logs that they just burned.

What I just described are the different levels of motivation that leads to your state of flow. All three of them would lead you there. You can start out all pumped up and motivated and achieve a state of flow and you can do that. You can also constantly replenish your focus and achieve a state of flow. Finally, you can take it long and slow but your state of flow lasts longer.

There are different ways to do this, but the best way is to go for the logs. These stand for sustainable motivation. This book teaches you how to achieve sustainable motivation so you trigger your state of flow more frequently and stay within that state for a much longer time.

I have nothing against enthusiasm, fixation or fascination. However, the problem is those don’t last all that long. Similarly, constant focus can burn you out. Sustainable motivation takes a quite a bit more work and it takes some time to get going. The good news is that mentally pays for itself once you get it going.

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