Change your mindset (for a successful life)

Change your mindsetCan your really change your mindset ?

The answer is yes.

There are basically 2 types of people: those who are successful and always manage to achieve their goals (in work and personal life) and those who lose the hope to see their dreams becoming true.

Why do these differences exist?

Mindset is a mental attitude, a set of thoughts and beliefs that distinguish each person.

Carol Dweck, a professor at Stanford University, after years of research on human personality, tracked the differences between “fixed mindset” and “growth mindset”. The fixed mindset is stable over time, as opposed to the growth mindset which aims at growth and improvement over time.

If we want to enclose the main points of the 2 mindsets we can say that:

Fixed mindset: those who believe that their attitudes (such as intelligence and personality) are innate and cannot change over time. Talent, in fact, is also innate, cannot be acquired through studies and dedication. Everything that is outside one’s comfort zone is seen as harmful. Competition is seen as a demonstration of one’s strength and criticism is all considered as a personal attack. Failure is seen as the worst thing that can happen and therefore tend to avoid challenges.

Growth mindset: Every improvement and growth towards something is welcome. Mind is oriented to change in order to develop new skills and competences, to personal development. Learning is the first rule for growth mindset. The challenges are in fact opportunities to learn new knowledge. Failure is an opportunity to understand where and how to improve your skills (and acquire new ones where necessary).

Having a growth mindset does not automatically lead to achieving the desired results. We need to have the right beliefs and mental patterns about our abilities, to act differently and thus be able to achieve the goals or dreams we aspire to. The conviction therefore, heavily conditions behavior.

How to start to change your mindset.take-action-change-mindset

Stop for a moment to think about how you can improve your current situation. There are no magic formulas that will allow you to change your way of thinking overnight. Take consciousness that you need to make adjustments to your way of thinking, because your habits and beliefs have not helped you to achieve your dreams. You will have to work day after day, taking one step at a time. If you’ve read this far, you can do it right away:

1) Immediately identify your negative thoughts (“Automatic Negative Thoughts”). If previous experiences have conditioned you to think negatively so far, the time has come to identify them and change them. Think about when you look in the mirror: do you usually hear a voice that tells you that something is wrong? Do you usually have the desire to spend money on useless things when you have none? These represent habits and thoughts that we unconsciously have and that automatically appears on your mind.

Try this technique: force your mind to think in the opposite way. When you’re taking a hot shower and feeling the pleasure that you would never get off of, take the water knob and turn it on the cold water. Stay in cold water for a few moments, then turn off the water and get out of the shower. Congratulations, you just went against your current mental thinking. This will begin to exercise the mind to think differently and break down your beliefs day after day.

I don’t want to digress on the concept of mindset, but I want to tell you the right away for starting to change your mindset.

Mindset are just beliefs.

2) Set your daily routine. Write on a calendar all the improvements you need to make to achieve your goals, day after day, small changes you need;

3) Try not to complain about failures and celebrate successes (even if they are small it doesn’t matter). When you reach a goal, give yourself a small prize. Your mind will begin to get used to the fact that for every goal achieved, there will be a prize and unconsciously push you to do more and more;

3) Use more positive words: Positive words help the mind to have a positive perception of what surrounds you. Without a positive vision, you will see everything as an insurmountable obstacle and this will not help your change;

4) Set priorities: Create a to-do-list day after day. Establish immediately the things to do which you like less. Yes, you got it right, because they will surely be the most productive ones that you have avoided to date (due to your current mindset). They will be the most difficult and boring ones. You’ll see that the other simpler activities, you will complete them in a moment.

5) Silence all the negative voices that appears: this is the most difficult part. Convince yourself that you can achieve any goal (even small) by going against the negative voice inside you. To do this, act immediately without thinking about doing the exact opposite. I’ll give you an example: after dinner you thought about taking a walk. When you finish eating, you obviously feel tired because digestion has begun. At this point your voice will tell you that you won’t want to go out, but sit on the sofa. Perfect. Get up immediately without thinking about anything, put on your sneakers and get out of home immediately.

Small daily actions, increased every day, will make you achieve exceptional results.

Remember: You are trying to change your mindset, changing your identity, change your way of thinking, you are coming out of your comfort zone, these are the most difficult things to do in the world.

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