How can you develop a clear vision for yourself ?

Develop a clear vision

You are going to enjoy this. JC Penney when he was 92, somebody asked him:
“How are you doing?”
“Well,” he said, “my eyesight is fading me, but he said “My vision has never been better.”

Van Gogh one time was asked:
“How do you do such beautiful work?”
He said, “I dream my painting and then I paint my dream.”
Vision, where there is no vision, the people will perish.

What is vision?

Vision is a long range view of a multiplicity of things you wanna do. Now, your purpose is why you’re living. Your vision then you want everything to be on purpose, your vision then is like a funnel coming out of your head going off out into the future.
It’s a long range picture of a multiplicity of things you wanna do.

Your goal is taking a bite out of your vision. So, sit and think, I’m God’s highest form of creation.
I’ve got mental faculties that go beyond the scope of my imagination and build a long range vision of all the magnificent things you wanna do.

Live with the vision.

If you’re not doing that now, you’re missing something in life that’s very valuable. Stop whatever you’re doing right now and totally relax and build a vision of doing all kinds of things in the future.

They all blend in together, but they’re all different and your life just gets you bigger and better and bigger and better and bigger and better. That’s the vision of your life. Vision, it’s a beautiful picture. It’s like a movie in your mind. A vision, you build the vision with your imagination not with your eyes, but with your imagination. See, a person hasn’t got this. Where there is no vision, the people will perish. Tunnel vision, I wish you could see what I can see, where I’m going.

Man, I’ve got the most beautiful trip planned for me. When I leave here tonight, tomorrow, the next day, next year, five years from now, I’ve got a picture of where I’m going, things I’m gonna do, the millions that we’re gonna serve. It’s all part of my vision.

What’s your vision?

Could you take and draw a picture of it? Could you write a picture of it? If you can’t, you may not have one. Now, remember what I said, your purpose in life, that’s the reason you get out of bed in the morning, your reason for living. Purpose, vision and goals, then you have a vision. It’s a long range view of a multiplicity of things that you’re gonna do, you love them all, on purpose. Your goal is taking a bite out of the vision. That’s the part you’re gonna do right now.

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