How intuition and goals work together

intuition and goals achieveHave you ever had the impression that something was suddenly going to happen and in the end it really happened? We can call it intuition or instinct.

Why develop intuition?

Developing intuition promotes good communication, makes you more sensitive to situations that surround you and makes you very creative. Intuition is often triggered by hearing a particular noise (for example, a horn or a bird chirping). Intuition also has immense power: it serves to dig and uproot the negative energy buried in you.

How to develop intuition.

1) Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis: through hypnosis the body and mind are influenced by an image or a sound. Self hypnosis is caused by the subject himself, without the help of a third person. The subject thus will be much more receptive to the stimuli it will receive. There are many hypnotic programs that help strengthen your intuition.

2) Meditation: through yoga for example or simply through breathing techniques. Your mind and your body are cleared of negative thoughts that dissolve, thus favoring an inner peace that will make the area that belongs to intuition blossom.

3) Think positive: it might seem reductive. The mind without worry and without fear will improve your intuitive abilities. Being in a positive state, you will attract a good energy that will make you recognize the events that are about to happen (to be clear, you will not be able to predict the future) but you will be more predisposed to understand situations and evaluate them in a broader sense.

4) Let yourself go! Sometimes you happen to make important decisions that could change the course of your life. When we do it, listen to the voice inside you, without giving an account to your inhibitions that suddenly disappear). In this case you trust your intuition and most of the time you act by instinct, because you want more than anything else to reach a specific goal.

How intuition helps to act.

The insight of intuition leads you to something that you would not reach. Just because, it makes you act. How many times do you think you can do something by thinking about it for days, months or maybe years? Here, decisions are made more easily when intuition suddenly appears. He thinks that many lives have been saved just because someone had an intuition at a certain moment.

The larger goals to be achieved are only perceived as such.
How many times have you dreamed of being different from what you are? How many dreams did you have (and probably still have) but never managed to realize them for fear of acting?

Our dreams remain the same until we decide to make them come true.
You find yourself imprisoned in your everyday life because of your habits that have enslaved you. Your life would be better if someone taught you to aim high. Think of all the technological progress, the innovations and inventions that have occurred over the years. Would we have arrived at this point if extraordinary people had not pointed up high? I would say no.
If you limit yourself to your limiting conditions, you will never be able to progress, finding yourself forever clinging to an unattainable dream. To be able to achieve this, you will need to take one step at a time, establishing the objectives to be reached along the way.

How to achieve “impossible” goals.

On a piece of paper, write down the goals of your life.

Divide the sheet into 3 parts: on one side write the things “I can do”, on another part the things “I think I can do” and on the other the things “impossible to do”. Every day, try to achieve the goals in the “I’m able to do” part. When you have finished and you can control them, shift your attention and try to reach the goals in the “I think I can do” part. When you manage to control those too, move the targets under the last part “impossible to do” in the part of things “that I think I can do”. At this point, the things you thought impossible to do, you will find to be possible instead. This technique is used to aim high, working on more difficult goals to achieve, one step at a time.

Those who only dream of achieving their goals will never reach them unless they start working on it. If you had told someone a hundred years ago that we were going to the moon, he would probably have taken you for a fool. Think big and work hard to achieve those dreams. They will come true without you even noticing.

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