How Self Awareness Create Wealth

self-awareness-create-wealthHow can awareness create wealth? Your awareness is what determines your results and creates wealth.

The thoughts, feelings and actions you express are the result of the seeds you plant in your life. The things that happen in your life are the fruits of the seeds you planted.

Abundance is something we can attract or reject. It is up to you to decide.

Money is an idea.
The wealth represented by money is only an idea. The card we use in the wallet can be replaced for example by credit cards, which will surely be replaced in the future by other technologies.

Your wealth has nothing to do with money, but with awareness. Developing awareness of prosperity will turn you into a calamity that will attract wealth (money or everything else).

Rich people, in fact, when they encounter a financial problem, have the ability to focus on the cause of that specific problem. They make the necessary mental corrections and solve that specific problem. People who do not have an awareness of wealth continually talk about lack. Hard life, hard times is all they talk about and complain about.

Don’t allow current results to control your thoughts. Check your thoughts to check your future results.

The current results are the manifestation of your way of thinking. Always stop pressing the same keys, which did not lead to good results.

Move your attention to what you want and increase awareness.

Decide how much wealth you want and commit to thinking in the way you need to attract it. Your “being poor” is only a state of mind, which can and must be changed. The rich person is aware of the wealth and if he goes through a problem they know that they have to press the key that can solve it. He does not speak of lack because his awareness does not allow it. The same thing you have to do: focus on what you want to accomplish and identify the steps necessary to achieve it.

Assimilate this truth because you will be able to see why the 99% of people continue to get the same results for their lack of awareness.

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