How to “become” rich: help your mind first

How to become richThe process to become rich passes through your mind. The mind is a magnet, and it attracts anything that corresponds to its predominant state. Expectations represent the correspondence of the mind, and that is what is drawn into your life. To “help” your mind to help yourself, you must change your thought patterns. Right now. Abundance always flows towards the open minds and ready to receive it.

You already have all the necessary to produce wealth. The 2 elements to achieve the desired results are desire and expectations. If desire is not accompanied by expectation, you will feel useless, frustrated. Think of the past results you have obtained: you desired them and expected them. And in the end they arrived. Punctual like a Swiss watch.

Your goal turns into desire only after it has been imprinted in the subconscious mind. Your subconscious must “travel” in prosperity, and imagine that it already has such wealth. Desire is the driving force that will drive you in your dream direction,  and the expectation is the power of attraction that drives the dream towards yourself.

All things exist in the spirit, a creative substance. You will always be easier to have expectations for what you want.

You are only an instrument to become rich. These are the images or ideas you have in mind to dictate the limits imposed on this spiritual power. Protect your mind from doubts by creating images of wealth always and everywhere.

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