How to create powerful affirmations and statements

create positive affirmations and statements

In this article I will teach you how to create positive affirmations and powerful statements to set reality towards the manifestation of what you desire. The power of words is of great support to that of visualization. When we combine a clear vision, a correct emotional identification and effective positive sentences we obtain the best results in managing the potential of the mind.

Difference Between affirmations and statement

A positive affirmation is a positive phrase that is usually repeated many times during the day. By many I mean hundreds of times, internally or aloud. Often it is also used to write it, for example to my patients I made them write in cycles of 21 times for 10 days. By writing down any feelings, even negative ones, that emerged during the compilation.

Examples: “Every day I find more light, strength and energy inside me, and everything goes better” – “My life is peaceful and full of joy. I learned to appreciate even the little things! ” – “I love and accept myself as I am. Exactly the way they are! ”

A statement is a sort of “extended affirmation”. Mostly it is composed of various phrases that focus on the theme we want to work on. To use it, simply read it once a day or read it in the morning and evening before sleeping, trying to identify yourself in the described variant of life, as if you were already living it now.

EXAMPLE: “Every day more money arrives in my life in abundance and fluidity. I give myself permission to welcome wealth and to realize my financial freedom. Every day my financial skills and economic resources grow, I realize my dreams, my aspirations, my desires and those of the people I care about. I am a generous donor and an excellent receiver! ”

Reach the subconscious

I immediately specify how the repetition of the statements or the reading of a statement must progressively reach the subconscious. Otherwise it will have no effect. To do this, the ideal is to pronounce the sentences in a state of relaxation (the so-called brain alpha state) in which the doors of the unconscious are more open.

The same methodical and continuous repetition, however, is of great help. Because, little by little, the mind becomes convinced of what becomes more and more familiar to it (in the same way in which: “Who goes with the lame learns to limp”).

Tips for an effective sentence

1) Use positive sentences and avoid “not”, as far as possible. Write: “I am no longer afraid of being alone” emphasizes the vibration of fear and loneliness, while positively vibrating a phrase like: “I am very well with myself / and at the same time, I open up with trust in love and a new relationship “.

2) Use verbs in the present tense. Using verb tenses to the future means setting the result for a tomorrow that will never be today. Realization will always tend to escape us.

3) Choose the sentences you can accept. A phrase too far from the current situation or with an emphasis on you too much (eg “My life is great and wonderful and I am fine” at a time when you are very depressed) can come into conflict with the unconscious. If it happens, rephrase the sentence by mitigating it a bit and using progressive terms (eg instead of “I’m peaceful” you can use “Day after day I find my peace”).

4) Focus on the emotions and perceptions you want to live and insert them in the sentences (eg “I feel grateful and happy to earn more than necessary for me and my family”). What truly acts on reprogramming and which has power over reality are emotions and not simple thoughts. This is why in repetition she tries to contact those same emotions and perceptions

5) Work only on yourself. Do not enter other people as if you wanted to influence their life, even if your intent is positive. It is not good, for example, to say: “My son is happy and has found his way to work”, while it is perfectly fine to write: “I send thoughts of light, love and fulfillment to my son and I pray for his well-being“.

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