Increase your creativity for reaching goals

Increase your creativityHow to increase your creativity for reaching goals ?

Increase your creativity is your trump card. To develop it to the maximum, keep in mind a fundamental principle: write everything. Yes, you got it right. Write it all down on a piece of paper, every idea, at any moment. It will look like a stupid thing, but you will realize very soon, that it will be of enormous help on the current situation or problem you are facing. You do not have to evaluate ideas. You simply have to write them down. I tell you this because while you write them or you’ll come up to mind, you will think “this is a stupid idea”, “this one too”.
Imagine to be a child who has to grow up to become an adult. One step at a time. Within a few days, when you re-read the things you wrote you will understand that they were not stupid at all. Even a silly idea could be the key to your success. I remember the one who invented Post-it reminds me. At first he was being taunted, ridiculed. Now I have it everywhere, on the fridge, on the desk, in the car. And who knows how many other people use it thoughtlessly 🙂

Develop your creativity even while staying with creative people.

People who have a similar mindset, increase their knowledge, improving each other. Boosting your creativity will help you solve your problems. If you do something you love, focus on what you are doing by freeing a part of the brain that was committed to solving the problem. In this way, you will find a potential solution to your problem, simply not thinking about the problem, but approaching it from another angle. It is the creativity that emanates other creative forms of thought, being a different area of ​​the brain to the one we are used to.

Plan your day to develop your creativity.

Do not wait for the days to dictate the rules. Start planning for yourself. The organization of time gives excellent results to increase one’s creativity.As Steve Jobs said: “creativity is connecting things”. With this it meant that it is possible to assemble existing things to create new ones.Apple has not invented MP3 players or tablets, but in fact has redesigned and proposed them in a unique way.Creativity is precisely the possibility of solving a paradox, of finding a bridge that links things that have nothing to do with each other. The typewriter, which brings together piano playing and writing, is another impossible combination: the typewriter was thought by Christopher Sholes as a piano in which each key wrote a letter.If you are really motivated to reach your goals and increase creativity, discover the mind secret exposed program.

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