How To Leave Comfort Zone For A Successful Life

Leave the comfort zone means starting to live experiences never done it before. In any area.

The Comfort Zone is the area of your life where you are right now, it is where you feel safe and where everything is known to you. We could paint it like this:

Leave Comfort Zone for Success

In this area, everything is under your control: your family, your job routine, your friends, etc. The comfort zone in 99% of cases is not a choice, but it has been imposed to you by someone else.

The emotion you feel most frequently is tranquility and safety, precisely because you are in your natural habitat. Everything is in its place and you are always ready to face any unexpected problem.

Now that we have seen all the positive aspects of your comfort zone, we also see the negative aspect. The most important one, are your dreams. Surely, like everyone else, you had dreams locked in the drawer, desires that you wanted to come true. But you never didn’t try seriously to realize them and therefore you have contented yourself with your beliefs, of what you have, “forcing you” to remain enclosed in your comfort zone. I don’t want to tell you that you were wrong, but only that you lost an opportunity (so far) to live the life you really wanted to live.

How many people did you know who told you: “that’s enough! Starting from today I will change my life” … but then he didn’t have the strength to do it and they got stuck in the same situation. They too, like you, were in their comfort zone, from which it is difficult to get out, despite having the desire to get out.

This happens because your subconscious level and your beliefs “automatically” protects you from everything that is not known. But what else is out there better if we come out of our “safe area” that we could discover? I tell you sincerely, there is so much more.

Leaving the comfort zone means accepting uncertainty and exceeding your limits.

What’s out the comfort zone?

1) The learning area

The learning area will confront new situations that you will know how to deal with. You will have to improvise and think differently, you will question your beliefs and move the bar of your limits. As a result you will make decisions that will be followed by actions. There will be failures in such decisions, but they will not be failures, they will only be opportunities to learn new things.

The learning area is so called because you will experience different types of emotions, both positive (curiosity, excitement, surprise and even fun) and negative (annoyance, frustration, anger, uncertainty). When you begin to experience negative emotions, it means that you are starting to come out from your comfort zone. Remember that it will always be your decision to do it (even when there are surrounding or events that force you to do so).

Reframing is a very powerful technique to change mental attitude in a situation you don’t like.

It means interpreting a situation differently from how you are experiencing it. Going further and further, the degree of difficulty in this unknown territory will increase. The tension continues to grow due to the too much information you receive and you will easily find yourself in the panic zone.

2) The panic zone

Because of the information received (which your brain is not able to process) along with the increasingly intense negative emotions, you activate your survival instinct by having 2 reactions: escape or attack.

By pushing yourself out of your comfort zone regularly, one step at a time you will get used to processing this information and you will do it automatically. As a result your habits will change and your way of reacting to new and unexpected situations will change and you will know how to manage them.

Here are some tips to get out of your comfort zone:

  • In your job, learn new tasks and ask for new responsibilities. Alternatively you can completely change your ob and start from 0.
  • In social relationships you know new people. This will attract new job and business opportunities
  • Start with a new sporting activity every year to keep your body and mind in a good shape
  • Accept new things as a challenge, not as an attack to you. When you’re at the restaurant for example, let’s bring you a dish you’ve never tried before, without thinking about it. The mental attitude of trying new things is the basis for increase your mind activity and get it ready to receive new information.

Are you ready to get out of your comfort zone?Escape mind prison for success

If you are not satisfied how your life has taken over you, without you wanting it, then it’s time to seriously change the course. Leave your comfort zone, however, it will make you find a lot of resistance from the people around you, because if you make this decision, it is as if you slapped even their comfort zone and that they are more afraid of you leaving it and will try to make you stay inside of...

Keep in mind that the current results, are the manifestation of your way of thinking of the past.

Leave the comfort zone = escape from the prison

Why should you leave your comfort zone? Because any personal success is found outside the comfort zone, in the learning area, otherwise you would have already obtained it.

Think about this: every time you got a benefit, you did it coming out of your comfort zone, like asking for that person’s number, or when you joined to the gym. Getting out of the comfort zone means getting out of the “mental prison” where you are locked up.

Many times you prefer to stay in a negative situation that you know, rather than risk facing the uncertainty of change.
Getting out of the comfort zone is necessary to gain success.

How to leave your comfort zone, one step at a time

Take life as it comes. As I told you earlier, the best experiences, the ones that left you something, were those decisions made out of your normal habits.

I want to give you 3 tips to act right away and widen your borders:

Use a little “madness”

Don’t think about the judgment of others people. Whatever you do, always remember, there will be someone ready to judge you, whether you do well or you are wrong. Take the most special occasions, so you will not be confined to your routine of controlled and predictable events. You will still have a lived experience.

Involve the people around you

Involving close people around you, it means dividing the stress that you will have to endure with someone else, finding a greater strength. Share your goals and dreams with others, so you will experience your discomfort of leaving the comfort zone together. You will find that you will enter the learning area in a much more effective and controlled way.

Challenge the unknown, change your perspectives *

The unknown can turn into a powerful springboard to accomplish extraordinary things.

Appreciate the unknown as something new to explore, a new unknown world, not to be feared, but to be discovered. When you start looking around you will no longer be satisfied to stay in your comfort zone. You will always want more and more 🙂

leaving comfort zoneWhat happens when you start leaving your comfort zone?

You will immediately begin to feel something that is blocking you, something that you can’t explain that inhibits you from moving forward. That is your subconscious, your beliefs, your mindset, your habits and your paradigms. These are all things you have since birth and have developed during growth. Only you have the power (and the duty) to change, to start living the life that you have always dreamed to live.

When trying to get out of your comfort zone, keep these key points in mind:

  1. You must have a clear vision of the goal and focus on it to reach it. The more defined it is in your mind, the easier it will be to let it born in reality.
  2. You will find people who will support you, but others will try in every way to hinder you, showing you their limits, not yours.
  3. You will have to learn to ask for help. The new skills you will need to learn will require the support by other people, you will not be able to do everything yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially to those who have already undertaken this way successfully.
  4. DON’T GIVE UP FOR FAILURES, because there will be. It is impossible for you to immediately reach the goal and achieve the desired results. There is no successful person who has not had failures in the past. Failure is nothing but an opportunity for growth.
  5. Trust your instincts. True leaders make decisions in a short time. It is not possible to calculate all the variables involved. Once all the information has been analyzed, there is nothing but one’s instinct.

Train yourself day by day to get out of your comfort zone. You will get great things in any area. Only in this way you can live the 100% of your life.

The article ends here. Now it’s your turn. What are you going to do today, tomorrow, this week to start getting out your comfort zone? Do you want to continue to water your small lawn (your comfort zone) or do you want to climb over that damn fence?

* Learn more about Develop Long Time Perspective

Don’t let your comfort zone to kill your ambitions.

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