How to use the power of thought

Every thought you emanate is an imperishable vibration that oscillates in unison with every particle of the universe, and if your thoughts are noble, holy and vigorous, they will vibrate every mind that is in harmony with them.

Just create in us a dominant thought for all the others to be influenced by it. The brain obeys this impulse, searches for the means to support it, our demeanor conforms, our actions are decidedly oriented towards realizing the goal we have set ourselves. You must always be aware of the forces you have: you have them, you can and you must use them. Realize it, sure you can dispose of it as well as when you turn the switch to turn on and you know that the light will certainly come.

To feel good, it is very important to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. An old saying goes “happy heart helps the sky”. It is useless to get angry if something breaks: it is now broken and it is better to put your heart in peace.

We should also learn not to judge our fellow humans, no matter how they view things or the color of their skin. At the limit we can avoid attending them, however we should always greet them and maintain a good relationship with them.

We also suggest going back in time and considering every time we have had a big problem, which has been overcome and now no longer exists. It is also beneficial to keep in mind that “behind the blackest shadow lies the brightest light”, the problems, in fact, bring the opportunity to grow or learn something.

Avoid constant remorse

Guilt is a small precision tool you can use when you don’t want to take responsibility for your life. Use it and you will avoid any risk, but you will prevent yourself from growing.

We torment ourselves for something that happened in the past, remember that we have two eyes in front and no one behind, therefore we should look ahead and not waste the present by rummaging in the past.

The essential is to always improve, make progress.

What are the poisons in your mind

The various stimuli that reach our mind, including memories, produce the whole complex of “vibrations” which also include emotions. The ancient Tibetan texts mention four passions, called “poisons” capable of producing stimuli and emotions with harmful effects on our ego. They are: hate, pride, jealousy and greed. To them the texts add stupidity, capable of blinding the individual, and we consider it appropriate to add anger, lust and greed.

Avoid hatred and resentment

One should avoid thinking about the people towards whom hatred or resentment is felt. If we do not forgive them, they become our masters, they come to mind when we are eating, ruining our meal; when we are in bed spoiling sleep; when we relax, bringing back anxiety and agitation.

Hate is a truly destructive passion that has its origin in various factors, including:

– impediment to fulfill a wish,
fear (of not being loved, understood, valued, etc.),
– humiliation (real or apparent),
– frustration.

Hate can manifest itself to one or more people as an impulse that lasts a few seconds, or it can consolidate itself as a permanent attitude towards a particular individual or the whole of society. There is hatred towards others and even towards oneself, it is the source of aggression, ferocious jealousy, suicides, murders, it is like a steel plate against which the noblest impulses break.

An impulse of hatred is sometimes understandable, but it becomes pathological if it lasts over time. The weak try to eliminate their suffering, as is natural, they try to destroy the cause of this suffering and, when exasperated, they can harbor hatred against other people, against the state, against a religion, or against themselves. For example: which humiliated or terrified child did not feel an impulse of hatred against those who made him suffer?

Turn hatred into positive feeling

Many people don’t admit that they have feelings of hatred. They say: “I don’t bring any hatred inside me, towards anyone, really!”. They probably do not feel constant and intense hatred for someone or something, but this does not exclude that they do not feel occasional feelings of hatred towards those who cause their fear, humiliation or frustration. In a child’s life this is a very frequent phenomenon.

So begin to distinguish the feelings of hatred when they arise. Say to yourself: “Here, this thought was caused by hatred, it harms me, I will not continue to nourish and increase this emotion. I prefer to think or do a better thing. You must realize that hatred is a creature of your mind: a wrong reaction caused by fear, humiliation or frustration.

Often hatred is practically due to the inability of the mind to consciously react to a certain thought, a certain action or a certain word of others. When possible, try to discharge the energy caused by this emotion with a physical movement: taking a few steps, moving your arms energetically as if you were to throw something away.

Any more or less violent physical movement discharges the energy accumulated following the vibrations of the nerves. Of course we do not intend to transform you into individuals unable to control themselves who cannot hide their emotions, however, when possible, it is always better to discharge excess energy rather than repress it.

After a few weeks of this exercise, put into practice every time the opportunity arises, the feelings of hatred will gradually decrease, manifesting themselves at increasingly longer intervals until they are almost completely attenuated. Subsequently, you will have to go hunting for the mildest feelings of hatred, hidden between dislikes and aversions of all kinds. The need to discharge one’s energies is only an initial practice useful to people who still perceive feelings of hatred very violently. Later on, you will need to learn to turn your mind to more positive and hate-free thoughts. This exercise is longer and more difficult for someone who has long hatched a strong hatred for someone.

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