How to use visualization technique to reach goals

visualization-technique-low-of-attractionThe visualization technique is undoubtedly the most powerful way to represent and reach your desires.

Visualization techniques are certainly the most powerful way to make the law of attraction effective. Visualization techniques give you the chance to see clearly what you want to attract into your life and get a clearer view of the goals in your life.

The following informations on visualization techniques are very powerful. Simply because they work.

When we visualize, our subconscious thinks through images and patterns. The subconscious does not know what is real or not. Neuroscientists have shown this. For example, if we see a photo of a car, our mind thinks it is a real concrete object in 3 dimensions. The subconscious does not know how to distinguish between a real car and the image of a car.

Creative visualization makes you see the facts that are happening now and not ask how it will happen.

Once you have decided what you want and you have visualized it, the ideas and opportunities will come to put it into practice.

You must act immediately based on these ideas and opportunities.

The big visualization image

When we focus on and visualize our “great image”, then it is possible to carry out those actions necessary to make this beautiful image become our experience.

For example, if we were to build a puzzle, without having the final image, it would be very difficult to arrange all the pieces. You could do it, but it would take you much longer and you would probably give up before you have completed the puzzle.

If instead we visualize what the finished project would be, putting the pieces together will be easier and even more fun. Think about when you would insert the last piece of the puzzle … how would you feel? Enormous satisfaction.

How to use creative visualization

To begin we must “feel”. Try to imagine the emotions of how you would feel to have the success you want. Whatever it is. Ask yourself immediately:

“How would I feel if this thing should happen in my life”?

It could be a feeling of relief or a passion you have, feeling gratitude. If you can’t imagine how you would feel, try to go back in your memory and remember what you felt when you achieved something wonderful in the past.

Embrace that vibration, where you felt happy and then visualize what you want as if you had already reach it.

If you visualize yourself in your ideal life, you must make this exercise more intense. The features of creative visualization are as follows: sharpness, frequency, duration and intensity. It is always necessary that you have a positive image of yourself to intensify your desires and improve your self-esteem.

The visualization must be practiced in a quiet place. It is important that you remain focused and calm.

In addition to clear images, reproduce sounds, smells, flavors. Feel enthusiastic about what you are feeling.

The clearer you are with yourself about what you want to achieve, the greater the motivational drive to act that will make you achieve your goals.

You don’t have to be an external viewer, but you have to look at yourself first. Only then can you experience the experiences you are imagining.

Trick to visualization and motivation


I want to reveal a trick to you: people very often believe that motivation, enthusiasm and optimism, must come from external sources and there is nothing that can be done to generate such emotions.

This is not the case at all: you can pretend to be happy and feel positive. According to the law of reversibility in fact, if you do not feel positive but act with joy and enthusiasm, your behavior will generate positive actions and feelings, as positive feelings generate positive behaviors.

If you can’t control your emotions, you can control your actions that will change your emotions accordingly.

This is why the visualization technique remains one of the most powerful techniques for modifying one’s way of acting.

Why the visualization frequency is important

The visualization technique must be frequent. You must continuously visualize what you want because it intensifies your desires and will change your beliefs you have about the feasibility of achieving a certain goal.

The more time you spend imagining the desired future event, the more likely it will become reality. Obviously the frequency and duration depend on the time you have available. The ideal time would be at least half an hour a day.

The best time to use the visualization technique is before you fall asleep.

How to use visualization technique with affirmations

Affirmations are powerful statements that the conscious mind sends to the subconscious mind. They serve to reinforce new habits, thought and behavior.

By continually repeating phrases such as “I can do it” or “I earn 100,000 dollars a year“, they are accepted as valid and feasible conditions of the reality we desire.

The “here and now” aspect is fundamental: when you say something you have to do it as if the desired result or circumstance already existed. For example, you don’t have to use future time, only present time.

The subconscious in this way will begin to work to change the inner world and align with the external reality that you desire.

You can talk in your mind with an inner dialogue, softly or aloud (even in front of a mirror), as you prefer. What matters is the belief that you put in your statements.

During the visualization process that you will use at least 2 times a day, you can immerse yourself in it by adding affirmations that help you visualize and transmit your desires to the subconscious. In this way you will strengthen the images displayed even more.

Focus your thoughts on your dream, on this beautiful image. Visualizing the dream will not only make you lean towards what you want, this instrument of the mind will ensure that the dream reaches you. It is very important to visualize what you want.

How to stay motivated with visualization

The motivation, over a variable period, may decrease. As soon as we make the decision to want to change something, it is very high. Over time, however, this effect can vanish very quickly, especially when we return to the “reality” that currently surrounds us, full of problems and distractions that will take you away from your goals.

How to transform the transient effect of motivation into lasting change?

When changing something is a necessity (think for example of improving your life by wanting more money), you must have a stable reference or else you will get stuck at the first obstacle.

Think about the negative consequences if you continue to maintain the same habits. Imagine what damage you will suffer if you can’t change. What risks would you run? Fear manages to spur in a decisive way with respect to a single positive perspective.

Go further with visualization: imagine while doing the actions necessary to trigger that desired change. Imagine being inspired motivated and determined as you act to complete your necessary steps.

Your subconscious in this way will understand the needing to act

The streaming in the visualization technique

You may have difficulty with the visualization technique, especially if you are at the beginning.

Streaming consists of mentally describing what you are seeing, trying to describe it in as much detail as possible. If for example you are viewing while you are driving your new car, repeat this sentence in your mind:

“I look at the dashboard of my car, it is black and has silver decorations”. The deeper you go into the description of the image, the more the image in your mind will become real and outlined.

Each of us has more developed senses than others. Sight is one of the most used and therefore most developed senses.

However, it is likely that someone has more developed the sense of touch, hearing or smell.

The more senses you engage in visualization, the more real your image will be in your subconscious.
I’ll give you an example:
imagine an apple.
Imagine that you are peeling it.
Feel the contact with the skin of your fingers.
Now bring the apple in your mouth and taste it, imagine its taste.

This is an example to make the visualization in your mind as real as possible involving all the senses.
The more realistic the visualization is, the faster you reach your goals.

Focus your thoughts on your dream, on this beautiful image. Visualizing the dream will not only make you lean towards what you want, this instrument of the mind will ensure that the dream reaches you. It is very important to visualize what you want.

Visualize errors to avoid

Our thoughts condition what we perceive. They have a direct influence on our actions. They can radically change the path of our life.

If you think you are not able to do something, your mind will go into memory whenever you fail.

This insecurity will lead you to not act effectively. What you think will be confirmed. But we can reverse this process.

Take your time to learn how to use visualization technique

At first it will seem useless and strange to try to use the visualization technique. You will feel uncomfortable but will pass in a short time.

This feeling will pass with the day after day. Let yourself go and everything will be fine.

Over time this practice will give the brain the same stimuli that it would receive if it were really involved in the imagined activity. You will soon learn to “fool” your mind, managing to do what you could not.

Create a visualization board to not forget what you want.



A visualization board is composed by a series of photos and phrases that represent which results you want to achieve.


  1. Many people who create a vision board choose a physical form, such as a cork board or similar to hang on the wall;
  2. Look for motivating and positive images such as newspaper clippings, inspirational postcards. If your goal, for example, is to change jobs, or go to university, you can find photographs of the university building or the new desk you would like to have in your new job. You can also search for them on the Internet and print them;
  3. Search for motivating phrases. As I have already told you, the statements are powerful and penetrate the subconscious if used correctly. Make the statements positive and write them down. Don’t write down what you don’t want. For example: “this time I will not abandon drawing school” but you will write: “I will paint wonderful paintings”.
  4. Compose your visualization board. After you’ve chosen the stimulating images and statements, it’s time to create your visualization board. You can use a colored background. If you want to achieve goals where physical effort is needed, choose a strong color like red. For example, if you want to get a more relaxing life, choose a lighter color, like the light blue. You can also put a picture of yourself at the center of the board, and then surround it with the images and phrases you’ve chosen. Use tape or paper clips to stick them together. Make sure your visualization board contains elements that also include the training process, not just the results obtained.
  5. Place your board in a place where you can always see it, for example in the living room or in the kitchen. The important thing is that it is always accessible regularly.
  6. Commit to watching it every day, at least once a day for at least 5-10 minutes, observing it carefully. Speak affirmations aloud.


The visualization technique is a very powerful technique for achieving concrete results. But it needs a lot of practice, especially when you’re at the beginning. Don’t be discouraged if you feel stupid doing these things. This feeling will fade over time and every day will be better than the previous one.

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