Is your mind in prison or free?

How do you see the problems you encounter during all the days you live? Are they obstacles or opportunities?

Based on the answer you give to these 2 questions, you can understand if your mind is in prison or free.

The mind does not observe reality as it appears, but it does so in a way strongly influenced by your emotions. As a result your thoughts and following your behaviors change.
Being able to expand your way of seeing things is one of the most powerful skills you can acquire.

How can this article help you:

– Transform your limiting beliefs;
– See the problems as an opportunity;
– Improve the relationship with others;
– Transforming limits into strengths

The same event can be interpreted in different ways. But this is not your decision, but your mind. You can learn to judge situations, so you can act differently than you would (or as you always did). The “mental frame” in which you design the vision of events will allow you to have a perfect perception of the situation that is presented to you and to respond adequately and thus create new opportunities.

Seeing problems and observing them only as such can be disastrous. A wrong mental activity will ask you the following questions:

– Why will I fail?
– Whose fault is it ?
– What am I going to miss?

All this generates malaise and frustration from which it is difficult to escape. This happens because your mind is in prison with the same mental patterns. It is therefore necessary to create new mental schemes, giving different answers to the events that will occur. It certainly does not mean ignoring problems, but evaluating a situation differently to understand if it can instead represent an opportunity for growth instead of an insurmountable problem.

The same event can have a different meaning depending on the culture and age of the person who has.

The time of the event.

A certain event observed over time can be perceived in a totally different way. An event that is for example within a 5-minute time frame can be a drama. Thinking of the same event after 1 month, it can make you smile 🙂 … incredible, isn’t it?

Decide yourself whether to leave your mind trapped within fixed patterns, or to turn problems into opportunities, your limits for growth.

If you want to learn more about your limiting beliefs and how to overcome them, I suggest you read this article.

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