Mental attitude for a wealthy life

A mental attitude determines the quality of life for everyone.

It’s exactly for this reason that we need to understand how can we change our mental attitude to improve our daily actions, to have more satisfying life in every aspects. Each of us should have goals to achieve, because the biggest source of motivation that exists is to have goals. But, just this one, it’s not enough. We must learn to reach them and not to give up on the first obstacle. You must have a full control. How many goals did you set to achieve and then it didn’t happen? 80%? 60%? Maybe 20% … This is because you never promised yourself to do everything possible to reach them. It is possible to at least double the chances of success with few actions.

promise-seaHow much important is a promise?

Promises are very effective and we have been taught since we were children. Promises are kept, otherwise we are considered unreliable people. The promises trigger very powerful emotional factors in us. Our mind sculpts promises in depth and communicates them to our subconscious to give them a priority.

A promise prepares your mind for success. In fact, an unkept promise makes us feel ashamed and makes us feel frustrated and ashamed. Our subconscious will do everything, therefore, to avoid these negative emotions. Turning your goals into promises will help you to win.

Let me give you an example: try to imagine promising your child or a loved one to stop smoking by a certain date. Now imagine not keeping your promise …

Here is how your mind and your mental attitude can be influenced and “modified” to make it to act in a different way than you did until today.

Learn to define goalsDefine Goal Target

If you have come this far to read this page, take a few minutes to understand what goal you really want to achieve. Avoid goals that can have different interpretations. Think of goals you can control, where only you have responsibility. Nobody else.

Do one thing at a time. The only effective way is to do one thing at a time, focusing the mind and thus eliminating distractions.
Every small goal achieved, motivation increases, and you will face the next problem with more determination.

Awareness of change and your habits

Any change must be supported by awareness. Changing one’s habits is the basis of the beginning of change. The first step is to identify habits to change that are limiting your potential or that are even ruining your life.

The fear of change

Any change in your life takes place one step at a time. How many times have we thought about turning our lives around? Perhaps many, but we never did it with the real intention of really changing. This is because every change is seen by our mind as something “strange” and that frightens us. Changing our certainties, for something unknown, causes us to fear that acts as self-defense. But what if there really was an alternative to the better life than the one you’ve lived to date?

Mind Power and Mental AttitudeUnderstand how your mind works, to make it work better.

Some people are born to achieve success, while others are not. This is absolutely not true.

Your brain and your mind are programmed to act in a certain way. However, there are techniques, which allow to modify such behaviors (most often innate or due to events caused by a shock) in order to increase their capacities and productivity. If you are looking for in-depth change in your life, you need to focus on the things you love and your desire for change.

Remember your path and your past history:

  1. What did I learn from my mistakes and failures?
  2. How did I become stronger than before?
  3. How can I inspire others from my past?

You can become who you always wanted to be, and change begins with the answers to these 3 questions.

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