How to change your mind towards abundance

mind abundance moneyHow can you direct your mind towards abundance and bring it into harmony with the money you want?

Claims are the most powerful weapon you have. So you’ll start by saying this:

“I am a magnet that attracts money”. Repeat it continuously, aloud.
“I am a magnet that attracts money and now I have more than I need. The money loves me.”

Let’s examine what happens while you repeat this sentence. A transformation begins in your subconscious. You probably won’t notice it, but it’s happening. This phrase affects the right side of your brain. Repetition is effective in altering the subconscious conditioning of people.

You are thinking through images and through a repetition and constant install in your subconscious the imagined concept represented by the words.

Your subconscious condition and your paradigm determine your logic.

All this will seem illogical to you, precisely because it is not part of your logic. Always remember: your progress will always require non-compliance with your current logic.

Pay attention to these words: Charles H. Duell in 1899 said: “Everything that could have been invented has already been invented“. He was the direct of the United States Patent Office.

In 1905 Grover Cleveland said: “Smart and responsible women do not want to vote“. What President of the United States today could say such a thing? All this was logical for the common mentality. Today they would be absurd, but they weren’t about a hundred years ago.

Discoveries are always made in violation of logic, in any area.

I want you to go against your logic. If you want to develop a mindset and an awareness of prosperity you have to renew your mind. You have to do what they consider totally illogical. It takes something special and you’re reading this article, you probably have it. You must have an independent mind and a little courage. This is the recipe that will win over everything. The conditioning of people makes you believe that it is pure folly to think that you can become a magnet that attracts money. But this must not stop you.

Once your mind was clear and clean. You had no inhibitions or fears and you had a great awareness of prosperity. Over time your mind has been polluted with limiting and negative concepts of poverty.

Imagine a polluted pool. To want to clean it up it will take some time together with a good filtering system. By pumping clean water for a long time, all the impurities will be eliminated and replaced.

Your subconscious looks a lot like that pool. You will not immediately see changes but know that if you continue to pump clean and powerful concepts of wealth, the old conditioning will be weakened. Eventually your mind will return to being pure.

There are 4 concepts that need to be fixed in your subconscious to drive your mind in a wealthy road

1) You have to start each day with love in your heart
2) There is always enough time to do what needs to be done. You need to develop a just perspective of time
3) You will always have the energy needed to do anything.
4) There is a law of vibration of the universe. The vibration you are in controls your actions and also controls what you attract into your life. Only attract what is in harmony with you.

With the attitudes firm in your subconscious you will enter the vibration that will make you accomplish anything. You will become a magnet that attracts money and you will always attract more than you need.

Remember: repetition is the first law of learning.
Your old paradigm that represents your old conditioning will try to keep you from making progress. The old conditioning with which your subconscious and the people around you are in harmony could try to stop you from using these statements. They will tell you that you are crazy.

Your conscious mind will begin to think that all this makes no sense, that it is illogical.

When this happens, it means that you will know that you are on the right path for a rich future. Let the results speak for you. Observe the people who will tell you that you are crazy. Where are those people financially located? Unfortunately, their subconscious mind is also polluted along with their logic.

By repeating concepts and phrases of wealth and prosperity, your polluted subconscious will be diluted. The old way of thinking in a negative way will always be weaker and will eventually disappear completely replaced by powerful, healthy and prospering concepts.

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