Mindset: your secret weapon, change it and use it.

Learn with your mindsetStart thinking that you have a secret weapon: it’ your mindset. Our beliefs greatly influence our ability to learn. Our beliefs thus influence our behavior and consequently direct us to one determined direction.

Nothing is innate. We all have skills but we have to know how to pull them out. The first step to solve these “problems” is simple.

As mentioned in this post, who has a fixed mindset believes that their skills are static. Those with a growth mindset believe that their skills can be developped. With the right approach we will be less discouraged in failure and more attracted to learn new things and apply new concepts to achieve success.


What are your main limitations for learning? Write them with examples. Try to understand what were your beliefs and your barriers that have blocked your progress and examine them.

The growth mindset should be constantly used and practiced, as if it were a workout. If your beliefs limit you, remind your mind that only you have the power to control your skills.
Ask yourself 2 things every day: How can I grow today? When and how will I implement my plan? This exercise is useful for increasing your potentials and seeking new urge that will lead you to perform different and more profitable actions.

Having a growth mindset does not mean that you have to be either Michelangelo or Einstein, it means reaching the awareness of seeing things under a different angle.

Remember: Our mindset is fundamental. By changing it, your skills will change as well and you will begin a growth path without barriers!

In the next post we will see how to Win the fear of fear.

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