Motivational courses: do they work? Which one to choose?

We often hear about the so-called motivational courses.

In most cases, these are live events, in a classroom or in special spaces, where a person, a motivator or a trainer, inspires and motivates the public.

These courses are well cared for and well orchestrated because in a single event dozens if not hundreds (in some cases thousands) of people participate, consequently nothing is left to chance.

Quite special activities are often organized that can unlock our way of thinking and help us temporarily get out of our mental patterns.

My position on these courses is fairly balanced, they have lights and shadows that must be carefully examined.

Why do we feel the need to attend a motivational course?

We often feel this need because we are going through a difficult period, we are unfriendly, we are unable to achieve our goals or we have just taken one of those low blows that life has in store for all of us.

In these moments we are more susceptible to emotions and for this reason we become the ideal customers of the motivators who organize these courses.

At other times, however, we perceive the need to change our life, to turn the page and these courses generally make great promises that are very attractive.

What are motivational courses for? Do they work?

But are these motivational courses really useful? And above all: what happens in these courses? What do the participants do?

Motivational courses generally have a very similar structure to each other.

There is an expert who tells in a very fictional way (often totally invented with related witnesses and bogus evidence) how he has overcome a great difficulty in his life

The expert speaks on stage to a large audience of enthusiastic people (thanks also to some accomplices who foment the public by pretending to be normal participants)

You can breathe a disco air, thanks also to the specially designed special effects

A series of activities are carried out, often collective and sometimes useful to temporarily unlock our mentality

As you may have guessed, these kinds of motivational courses have lights and shadows.

On the one hand, they can be useful if we want to try a different experience, but if we want to invest in ourselves or turn really, they are not enough, for various reasons.

– The motivation you receive is temporary, at the end of the course willy-nilly you have to go back to your usual life with the usual difficulties: work, relationships, university

– Strong emotions quickly become a memory and all good intentions end by the wayside

– We realize that all the words spoken during the course work in that context but as soon as we wake up on Monday morning beautiful words are no longer useful

– No tools are provided to work on yourself in the long run

– The tools to understand why we were (and we are) without motivation and the tools to find real solutions to our needs are not provided

– The experience can remain pleasantly etched in our memories but does not really increase our awareness.

– For these reasons, I generally do not recommend attending a motivational course but to approach a real personal improvement course.

Of course, we can read a good book or a guide that spurs us in some way to perform actions. Because the “secret” is all here.

Perform the action.

As you may have guessed, what we need is not a temporary motivational discharge, but a structure to improve ourselves.

If you do not feel motivated to achieve certain goals, you must first ask yourself why and tell you more.

All people who achieve relevant results in any area, perhaps the same ones you want too, have not relied on motivation.

Imagine having to write a book and only proceed when you are motivated, inspired and energized.

Nobody would complete any work anymore.

The secret therefore is not in motivation, but in the ability to build habits, systems and processes that help us proceed even when we are not motivated and inspired.

How are these skills and this mindset built?

With a personal development course.

Motivation is only a tool. Do not forget it.

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