Online business: find the right one for you

Today, anyone can start an online business without any particular technical experience. You no longer need to know how to create websites or be a programmer. There are many ways to start an online business without needing money or very few. Let’s consider the 5 kinds of most common online businesses that you can start without having particular skills:

1 – Dropshipping: dropshipping is an online business that allows you to sell products without having a stock. Simply, when a buyer purchases something from you, you will buy it directly from your supplier (at a lower price) and will be shipped directly to the final customer. Your profit will be the difference price between the sale made and your purchase. Very simple. The costs of managing this process for you will be very low.

2 – Affiliate marketing: affiliate marketing is a type of online business similar to dropshipping. Practically you choose a niche (which is profitable) for your business after which you are looking for platforms that allow affiliations concerning this niche. One of the best known platforms is certainly Clickbank ( Through an affiliate link that will be provided to you, the people who purchase through that link will be given a commission. Generally the commissions vary from 10% to 50%, depending on the chosen product. As a dropshipping, in this type of online business, you will not need to send products, as the sale is made directly from the site of your “supplier”. You can find the most varied sales categories: from books, to software, to video courses, etc. There are several ways to advertise these products. From the blog, with e-mail marketing, to creating videos. The audience that you are going to look for will be of primary importance.

3 – Blogging: You can open a totally free blog (at least at the beginning) on ​​ The recommendable way would be to open your own domain name to create your own blog. Writing on the blog can only be the beginning. An online business based on blogging can have many nuances, like posting photos, videos, and recommending articles. Give useful content, are the basis of a blog. This will allow you to monetize in different ways. For example you can include links that promote affiliate products (as you read in point 1), in addition insert advertisements inside, for example, Google Adsense (PPC – Pay per click).

4 – Information products: information products are a type of online business that is perhaps more profitable. They include e-books, video courses, audio books etc. Your creativity comes into play here. Always ask yourself: how can I help people? What is my ideal target? Based on these answers, you will need to create your own guide, course, book, or other that can answer these questions. Of course, you will have to do a search first, to see if this niche is profitable. The sale will be a natural consequence to the answer of these simple questions that you must bring before you even start.

Always remember: the niche you choose will have to be profitable, in other words, there must be a demand from the consumer. Above all, be genuine 🙂

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