Perseverance for reaching goals: a key to success

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Perseverance is the key for success.

How many goals did you set to achieve which you later gave up? Do you have important goals that seem impossible to you or do you struggle to achieve them? Every goal has its difficulties and the bigger and  important is the goal to reach, bigger are the difficulties you will face.

Lack of perseverance is one of the biggest problems encountered when we begin a new path. It can be anything, study, gym, job career, etc…

It always works like this: when you start something new, you are full of energy and enthusiasm. You begin to take your first steps, you are motivated and you feel like a lion that can easily reach the finish line. After a while, however, all this begins to decline. The initial motivational momentum is exhausted due to the difficulties you face. “Inexplicably”, you give up. It is not just a matter of motivation, as the motivation can be there, but it is not enough to overcome the difficulties you encounter.

This will cause you to become demoralized by convincing yourself that it is too difficult to achieve. Even worse, you could convince yourself that you don’t want it so much. Here, your paradigms and the limiting beliefs you have, which block you and inhibit any kind of change you want to undertake, would enter into play. But if this is not the case, you can find your perseverance, which is the key to success.

How to find perseverance by splitting down all the necessary steps.

When you begin to take a new path, as I have already said, the motivation and expectations are very high. But continuing, the enthusiasm goes down and the goal seems impossible.

To achieve the biggest goal, you have to split it into smallers one and more measurable goals. Step by step you can measure the results achieved and the initial motivation will be renewed, thus increasing enthusiasm. Furthermore, at the psychological level, the production of neurotransmitters will be activated, essential for success.

The splitted goals and your mind.

What happens in your mind when the big goals are broken down into smaller goals?

The brain will produce dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter and performs very important functions in the brain. Behavior, cognition, sleep, mood and also … motivation. In fact, stimuli that produce motivation and reward (such as food, water or simply listening to music) stimulate the release of dopamine.

The result will be to feel more motivated and more energetic, looking forward to proceeding to the next step. But it doesn’t end there. Serotonin is also produced. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for happiness. So, after every step you have reached, you will always feel happier and more satisfied.

The important thing is to split your main goal into smaller goals, as already mentioned, into a measurable way. Reward yourself to every goal achieved.

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