Personality Development, how can you improve yourself

personality-development-peopleHow personality development can improve your life?

Any idea that is imprinted in our mind sooner or later manifests itself in real life, covering the most appropriate physical form.

Anyone who tries to get something, always needs a higher effort, a confidence in himself. Every challenge requires a greater moral force than it has.

Individuals are mainly divided into pessimists and optimists.

– Optimistic people always look to the positive side of life, the best side of it. They are in a state of “positive vibration”, so they attract positive (optimistic) people.

– Pessimistic people, on the other hand, look at the negative side of life or of the situations they live. Even in beautiful things, they can find negative sides, because the mind is diverted in that direction. They too, therefore, receive what the mind seeks, therefore negative people (suffering is better to endure it in group).

If I asked a pessimistic person “how you feel today?”, He would probably answer you: “well, I hope I’m not sick”. The pessimists are inside a vicious circle, created by them, where they can’t get out of it.

What is personality development?

Personality development is the taking of awareness of being unique and to become what you desire, you must take care of yourself. Everyone has a vocation towards something or simply a dream to reach. We need to find the time to stop, in the modern society that continually distracts you and think about what you are, listening to that voice inside yourself that has never stopped talking to you, but that you ignored every time.

“What do you want to do” VS “what I have to do”

Every day we make decisions, small or large. Unfortunately, most of decisions we make are not given by our direct will, but are influenced by our habits, by a wrong perception of situations and by other people opinions that they have of us. We live in a perennial distraction that leads us to confuse “what do you have to do” with “what you want”.

Start choosing what you want. How to discover your “want”.

Answer these questions:

  • What would I do if I could stop time for a day?
  • What do I want to learn every month starting today?
  • What are the recurring patterns and themes that come to mind every day?

Write on a calendar, every day, what you would like for the next day. A goal to reach, ration and easy to reach, it’s only a part of personality development. Without thinking too much, write a “I want” every day and take action to make it happen. Turn your “want” into a project, which will become your life project.

Remember: it is better to try and fail, than not to try at all, because that would be the real failure.

Every day we find ourselves at a crossroads where we have to choose whether to be ourselves, or someone else … what we “must” be.

Set priorities for your personality development

If we do not establish what our priorities are, we run the risk of being forced to do things that we do not want, just because we are not able to hear (or ignore) the voice that tells us what we really are within ourselves.

Not having a life plan can bring devastating consequences. The only way to avoid disasters is to stop listening to others (who wouldn’t understand, because they certainly don’t have the vision you have if you’re reading this article), and start listening to yourself.

Develop and improve your discipline

Discipline is that thing that can be defined as the bridge between a goal and the result.
Discipline helps you in difficult moments and it is essential to create positive habits, generating motivation. The discipline can only come from within ourselves and keeps you in the game by letting you stay on the right track when you’re in a bad mood and when the game gets tough.

You can begin to develop the discipline you need to define goals every day. First of all, starting the “rituals” in the morning is the first step to get the mind used to a change:

  • concentrate on your breathing in silence to eliminate stress;
  • define what we want to be and do in our lives;
  • view the change as if it had already happened. Imagining what things would be like, serves the mind to take the right path;
  • Physical exercise (body and mind are closely connected);
  • Read. Learn something new every day.

What is the most difficult thing about morning rituals? Start making them if you have never done it.

How to create an habit, how much time is required?
Some say that it is enough to do the same thing for 30 days, who says for 20 days, who says instead that it takes months.

An habit must trigger other habits. This is very important.

Define your habits for at least 45 minutes in the morning, it will help you face the day in a different way. This will improve day by day, month to month.


If you want to know more about discipline, you can take a look at this book:

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