Power Of Habits: create a success routine

The Power Of HabitsHave you ever stopped to think that most of your life is created by habits? Everything you do when you wake up, your work, lunch, dinner etc … What you do is automatically created by your mind and becomes routine, without thinking about what you do.

How are habits formed?

How can we change them if we feel we are prisoners of the routine? How can we change our emotions and our mood that pollutes the mind?

The most powerful way to eliminate a bad habit is to replace it with a good habit, until the process is consolidated in the brain (usually at least 30 days of effort and discipline are needed). As the new habit becomes more and more automatic, the instinct to activate the old one fades until it disappears completely.

To create a new habit, we must give birth to a new need, to which we will tie a goal, which will trigger the right motivation.

It’s time to start setting goals.

Oh really?

For example: set a goal that includes weight loss and modification of the food you eat within a defined time. Begin to respect a timetable where above will be present different activities than sitting on the sofa, or all day in front of the PC. Day after day, your physical condition will begin to improve and consequently your mental and physical condition as well. The new habit will begin to “turn off” the old one and take over.

You will ask yourself: “How did I waste so much time so far? Why didn’t I do it before?”

Physical activity in this case activates gratification thanks to the effect of endorphins that will take over and the new habit will automatically be to go out in the open air or to perform regular and continuous physical activity.

Act now.

Whatever change you want to have, it can become a goal to be achieved. What you need to do is to consider that goals are achievable.

Learn how to develop good habits in 1 month.

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