Affirmation Power – Attract anything with affirmations – ebook


Learn how to attract anything in your life with the power of affirmations

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An affirmation is a statement in the way we choose to experience life. Some of our statements can be positive and some negative. In both cases, the affirmation is a prayer or a request because life always reflects our beliefs. And the beliefs themselves are nothing but affirmations.

Our thoughts can be critical or praiseworthy; we can always speak well of our lives or constantly complain about what’s wrong. We can offer words of goodness; or we can scold ourselves. We can believe that life is a struggle or we can believe that life is a joy. We always use affirmations, whether we are aware of it or not. And life is always the correspondence of our affirmations and experiences.

We have been trained to look for a problem and then focus on it and try to “understand”. However, this is not the way we can get to the solution. On the contrary, using statements about what we want is a good way to quickly get the solution we are looking for.

Learn how to use affirmations right away to really attract what you want into your life.


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