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The beginner’s guide to getting closer to the world of mindfulness and gaining awareness and mental strenght. Start practicing mindfulness in no time.

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Mindfulness is an English term that refers to the ability to stop and focus on one’s feelings.

Awareness is achieved through a proper education in meditative practice.

With Mindfulness you learn to observe and recognize harmful thoughts, which do not allow your inner evolution. Emotional awareness is joined by a new way of being in one’s body.

Mindfulness is perfect for those whose mind is always restless or disturbed by unproductive and negative thoughts. It is excellent for those who want to enhance their personal magnetism and develop a center, suitable for those who want to develop new trends, abandon automatisms, validate new skills.

What are the benefits of Mindfulness:

  • Combat anxiety and stress.
  • Become more resistant to life’s challenges.
  • Be yourself and manifest your potential.
  • Develop concentration.
  • Free yourself from unnecessary fears and worries.
  • Be less reactive and irritable.
  • Accept yourself, others and things you can’t change.
  • Be disciplined, to achieve your goals more easily.
  • Silencing thoughts and enjoying the present moment.
  • Have mental clarity.
  • Be emotionally stable.
  • Grow spiritually.

Mindfulness has been shown to improve all the functions associated with the prefrontal middle cortex of the brain (one of the most evolved regions of the human brain, home to thought and much more) including: intuition, morality, modulation of fear reactions and self-control.

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  1. Bill

    A good start guide ! Thank you.

  2. Steven

    just finished reading it, not bad!

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