No More Excuses – Achieve Your Goals ebook


A complete guide to finally stop procrastination and start focusing for achieving your goals.

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Have you ever wondered what purpose you have in life? What are you doing in this world? How can you achieve your goals?

Having a purpose, objectives and ability to achieve is undoubtedly one of the most difficult things in life, but also one of those that brings great satisfaction.

Often it is the educational models received that condition us and almost forbid us to dare, to have a dream and to strive to make it happen.

Begin to clarify the different goals that can be important in life and what the purpose is for them. This could be a list of questions to start asking yourself:

Career: are you doing the job you like? Is the meaning of what you do clear to you?
Financial Freedom: do you think you will earn what you deserve? Are you able to guarantee a minimum level of reward for the effort you make?
Education level: do you feel prepared for the challenges of your life? What are you doing to get a higher level of knowledge?
Family: are you happy with the relationships you have? Do you want to become a parent? What does your partner think about it?
Creativity: Do you want to achieve an artistic goal as you are creative? What are you doing to satisfy creativity?
Character: are you happy with your character and how do you behave? Or are there changes that you have to face because some aspects of your character are holding you back?
Body area: are you happy with your appearance, your health and your body in general?
Pleasure: are you sure you fully enjoy every aspect of your life?
Others’ judgment: what do others think of you and how much does this affect you?

Start understanding how to structure your goals, stop procrastination and finally tacking action to achieve them.


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