Road to manifestation – visualization technique ebook


Exercises and visualization techniques are an incredibly powerful creation tool. Learn how to use visualization techniques to manifest what you want.

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Visualizing or imagining is a powerful practice that can be used to increase well-being and to align our every desire that we may have for a particular relationship, career, financial abundance etc …

A key point with visualization is that there is no need to know “how” your vision will enter into physical or manifest form, it is enough to put it into practice, this means having the sensation of your vision, regardless of any evidence in your life which may contradict it.

The Law of Attraction states that everything you have always wanted already exists in an energetic (or non-physical) format, the way you view from this point of view can be seen simply as a fine-tuning of this alternative reality.

Exercises and visualization techniques are another incredibly powerful creation tool.

You’ll learn:

  • What is manifestation;
  • Decide what to manifest;
  • how to use the right mindset to manifest;
  • visualization exercises;
  • avoid negative mindset in visualization

and much more inside !


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