Unbreakable Chain – Mind & Body connection ebook


How to connect your mind and body for developing an incredible potential to achieve unbelievable results, in all areas of your life.

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The mind and body power benefits: do you know that mind and body are extremely connected in your life? Body and mind communicate in many ways, and many of them seem to have something to do with common chemical or hormonal language.

The sooner we manage to use body and mind in unison, the more effective and powerful our communication and therefore our leadership will be. The power of the mind is 30%, the body power is 70%. When the mind fights directly against the body, it always turns out to be a loser, because the body is stronger.

If the mind decides to climb a mountain and the body refuses, the mountain will not be climbed and the individual will come under tension. The mind must surrender to bodily needs because these are priorities, more important, stronger.

The body has its times, its rhythms and the mind must respect them. Often the body is denied due rest and is forced to stressful rhythms. This is equivalent to a predictable declaration of war.

Relaxation techniques, for example, act as peace mediators between the warring parties.

The respective rhythms of the mind and body align and unify, creating a syntonic circulation of energies, a source of well-being, which made the ancients exclaim: “mens sana in corpore sana”.

Body and mind are not two separate worlds, but are two parts, in continuous mutual influence, of one whole: man in his somato-psychic unity.

What will you learn from this guide ?

  • How to discover your real hidden potential​
  • How to Re-think Your Goals​
  • How to Defeat Negative Self Talk ​
  • Using Brain Exercises​
  • Get your diet in order​

You’ll likewise numerous valuable bits of knowledge and systems completely using what your psyche is able to do.


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