Successful Habits: How to Develop Them in 1 Month

Successful people are those who have successful habits.Brian Tracy

Develop Successful Habits

I wanted to start this article with this quote because it contains the essence of the existence of each of us. Every man or woman was born and raised in a certain way and developed in this way, certain habits that they did in order to achieve certain results (successful or unsuccessful results).

What Are Habits Really?

Habits are simply the set of repetitive behaviors that we do whilst awake, very often dictated by our subconscious. Obviously, some are useful, while others are not (and can often damage us). For example, when we study new things, the brain activates and works hard to store the new information it did not have before. So, at first, anything seems to be complicated. Once the brain has stored and processed this information, the behavior that will follow as a result of the new notions learned will become automatic and the brain will work less. Do you remember the first time you learned to drive a car? The first time you parked the car? How much did you concentrate to park in the right way? Surely, today, if you concentrate, you could close your eyes and probably be able to park well (obviously it is just an example, never do it :).

Unfortunately, however, when you have acquired certain habits, not all of them can be right (for example the habit of smoking, a wrong habit that is harmful to the body and the mind). Yet smokers continue to smoke, knowing that it is a wrong habit. This is because it is their subconscious that dictates this behavior and the conscious mind and body perform it. From small examples like these, we can say that:

How would you be today, if you had developed those habits, that they had brought you a more satisfying life, or at least a more conscious inner state and therefore you would have made those decisions consciously, without being conditioned by past events and above all, without limiting conditions? Probably better.

How can Habits be Developed?

Charles Duhigg, the author of the bestseller “The Power of Habit” says, habits are developed in 3 phases:

1) The signal: a stimulus that tells the brain to act and what habit to use;
2) The routine: that is the repetition of this behavior (which can be physical, mental or emotional);
3) The prize: which communicates to the brain if it is useful for the future or not.

With time, the cycle becomes automatic and habit is born.

Why you must eliminate bad habits (and replace them with successful habits)?

30 days habits developAs you will have read a little while ago, many habits are installed randomly and besides not being useful, they can be harmful, such as addiction to something: smoking, compulsive shopping, alcohol, gambling etc …

Installing New Habits In 1 Month is Possible

1) First of all, focus on only one habit at a time;
2) If you forget or miss something, reset the counter (starting from day 1);
3) On day 30, you will no longer need to make mental efforts because your behavior will be conditioned to perform this habit automatically.
The most important thing is the focus. One change a month, to keep it installed unconsciously. Over time you will be able to strengthen your self-discipline in any area of ​​your life.

In these 30 days, motivation and discipline will be your allies.

Remember: our habits create us, but we can create our habits.

4 Tips to Install New Successful Habits

1) Write your plan on a sheet and commit yourself to follow it. In this way, you will define your goal and it will be more difficult to “betray” a written promise “. Write for example: “I commit myself to … for 30 days starting from…”;

2) The gold rule for changing habits: bad habits cannot be eliminated, but can be replaced with a better one;

3) Develop your routine: you can, for example, associate a sound with an action. A sound timer at a certain time will remind you that you have to get up (sound of the alarm). This will mark the beginning of the new routine you want to install and that will condition you to put it into practice;

4) Use simplicity: for example, reading a book for 30 minutes in the morning, before going to work. Plan your morning and start something as simple as reading. Only 30 minutes in the morning. Start with simple things and then move onto more complex things along the way.

Returning to the beginning, as Brian Tracy noted, successful people are those who have successful habits. Identify immediately which habits are bringing you closer to what you want (both in the workplace, in the personal, family, etc.) and try to replace them (remember it is easier to replace them with others, rather than eliminating them). Knowing how to manage one’s habits will trigger a positive chain that will lead you to a more satisfying life, in any area, you decide to apply these techniques.

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