avoid mistakes time management

Time management is one of the personal skills that I consider decisive for productivity, we often hear about it even if in fact there is a fundamental conceptual error. Time cannot be managed, we should actually speak of personal management as time itself cannot be directly manipulated, however, for convenience,Read More →

7 tips improve concentration

The drop in attention is often given by physical fatigue, boredom, stress and multitasking. How can we learn to focus, especially on the days when we experience one of these situations? Experts suggest an approach capable of intervening on several fronts that will minimize both internal and external distractions, improvingRead More →


Many times we are faced with people who have had or are having success in their lives. Have you ever asked them how they managed to succeed? I don’t think so, so you don’t know their answer. If instead I asked anyone: “What are the causes of failure”? The answerRead More →

Reaching and achieve your goals and your aspirations must not only be your insatiable motivation, but they must actually allow you to take your destiny into your own hands. No one else will do it for you. Living a passive life will never give you the opportunity to grow up,Read More →