The best reasons why we fail

reason-failure-lifeMany times we are faced with people who have had or are having success in their lives. Have you ever asked them how they managed to succeed? I don’t think so, so you don’t know their answer. If instead I asked anyone: “What are the causes of failure”? The answer will surely be: “he had bad luck“. Same thing if you asked him “but how did he succeed”? The answer will surely be that he had luck (strange true)?

Let’s stop believing this shit.

Failure or success depends only on the mental condition you are in.

The most common causes of failure.

1) Missing initiative: what is the right time to start doing something that makes you happy or gives you the chance to earn more? It’s always the right time. There are those who wait for the crisis to end, or wait for something to happen that can change the destiny of their lives. This will not happen. If anything, something will happen that can make you feel even worse. Lack of taking action is one of the main causes of failure. Nothing good happens if you don’t really want it.

2) Procrastination: procrastination is linked to lack of initiative and unlike the previous case procrastination is voluntary. The projects are set aside to devote themselves to other activities that are more “attractive” and rewarding but in the short term.

3) Find excuses: your brain has a great capacity to find excuses to postpone activities that you don’t like. This prevents you from starting and completing any project.

4) Limiting beliefs: what you are convinced of becomes real. If you convince yourself that you can’t do a certain thing, you will never do it. If you convince yourself of something, it becomes real in your head and you act accordingly. To break down limiting beliefs there are techniques that work very well.

5) The value of time: time passes very quickly. You will realize its importance only when we have wasted it on things that didn’t matter or that didn’t bring you any goodresults.

6) Always be undecided: do you have difficulty making decisions? If yes, this problem will hold you back even in the most important decisions, even for those that could change your life. Try to be less indecisive. Remember: making a decision could lead you to make mistakes and that is exactly what is holding you back. At the same time, you will learn from those mistakes to make the right decisions in the future.

7) Bad habits: bad habits, those habits that have not brought you any results. If you can assimilate new habits, in the long run they could change your life for the better.

8) Don’t tell lies: tell yourself you don’t have time, you’re too old or too young to do something. If you really want to do something, you will find all the time in the world.

9) Disorder: mental and physical disorder creates a confusing state and does not allow you to focus on the goals you want to achieve.

10) Lack of willpower: the lack of willpower stiffens you and even knowing what to do, you can’t.

How to “fight” the self-failure.

There are people who run incessantly towards success, until they finally reach it. So, like them, there are people who look at life as spectators, rather than as protagonists. Needless to say, the latter will passively take all that life “proposes” to them with disastrous consequences.
I want to list 3 key points from which you can start to activate and make your mind work towards a successful mentality:

1) Check your thoughts: like many other people, you are a victim of your thoughts. You think you are rational and objective in your choices and decisions, in reality this is not the case: the more you focus on what is wrong with your life, the more you will attract negative things. It’s a vicious circle. Every day we receive millions of impulses from the outside and our mind must filter them, selecting only what to pay attention to. If you manage to filter negative thoughts, so as not to take root, you will regain control of the thoughts you need to reach your goals.

2) Take your responsibilities: too many people complain about “bad luck” just to justify their immobile and victimistic behavior. You can continue to do 2 things: continue to place the blame on misfortune and the whole world, or you understand that the situation in which you live and the causes of your failure depend only on your mental attitude.

3) Constance and consistency: there is no relationship between commitment and success. If you really want to achieve your goals you must create opportunities for success, so that it will be inevitable.

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