The right actions to improve your life

When I started writing on this blog, I started to believe that having a vision without taking any action would only remain a dream. At the same time, performing actions but without having a vision would be like having a nightmare.

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As Aristotle said: “To be truly excellent, we cannot simply think or feel excellent, we must act excellently.”

The process that leads you to improve your life by increasing the level of your well-being is not something that simply happens through your hopes and desires. It is a path, sometimes very long, that passes through tenacity and consistency.

Your success, happiness and dreams come true through the quality of your actions, and drawing on an abundance mentality. Start with these eight simple steps, and you will begin to build and see (right away) an improved version of your life and your person … here are the eight steps of improvement.

Why establish a vision.

Whether it’s a fitness goal linked to your shape before the summer, a business or relationship goal, it is essential that you manage to establish a vision. Your vision acts as a compass, and prevents you from getting lost on the path to your ultimate goal. A vision forces you to be specific about what you are doing, where you are going, and once you have the vision, it becomes part of your identity … and stimulates you to constant action, every day.

While you are establishing a vision, set aside some time to do the exercise that I call “The Perfect Day”. Ask yourself these questions, and give yourself time to process:

1) How would I like to live every day of my life?
2) How would I like to feel every day?
3) Who will I spend my days with?
4) What job am I doing?
5) How do I want people to feel after spending time with me?

Motivation is susceptible to very rapid changes. It is therefore not too reliable a resource to push you to act every day. On any day of the week, you will have to do the right thing, whether you feel tired, angry, etc … Every day you have to show that you can do what there is to do.

At the beginning it is understandable to feel a little worried about the trip; fear is normal. But you don’t really need to take huge risks and take scary leaps into the dark. Taking a few small steps, taking advantage and using some small moments of courage, is the only necessary requirement.

Think about that phone call, that brilliant idea of ​​yours, that increase you want, that first video to create or that healthy breakfast in the morning. If you begin your climb to wellness and change, nobody will be able to stop you. Nobody.


small actions big results

Your success will begin with a small action.

Don’t be ashamed to ask for help.

Having support, allows you to have someone responsible, allows you to have an impartial perspective on the development and pursuit of your goals. Nobody can think of obtaining immunity from the fear, doubt and uncertainty that accompanies new attempts. It is essential to have a support network, which can actively support you every time you start sliding backwards, falling into the trap of your old habits, risking to find yourself playing below your potential.

Try to think today of three people who could provide you with the support and sense of responsibility that are necessary for your new journey

Adversity, pain and fear are your allies.

Fear is a natural part of life, and is actually good in certain circumstances. Fear is nothing but the mechanism that adopts your body trying to protect you. As you are working to create a better version of yourself, acknowledge your fear and you can say thank you, but you cannot succumb to fear.

Adversities and small failures are nothing more than feedback and information to be used during the trip. It is normal to experience some discomfort and anxiety by doing things unknown to you. But remember, all you need are those 20 seconds of courage … to jump forward and grow.

Play for something bigger than you.

“What’s your biggest goal?”
“Lose weight and regain my shape,” you may say.

It’s great to have a goal. You have to dig deeper, you have to understand why you want to pursue your goals.

If you go deeper, digging to understand your goals and motivation, you will see that the process is much more layered than what you have accomplished. You have to act on this deeper level of motivation, to embrace why you want this to happen, to be able to break down the resistance. Cement the lens in your mind and heart. By doing this, you will be redirected when distractions try to push you off your path.

Learn something new every day.

When you stop dedicating time to learning, you will be inexorably left behind. You must adopt a student mentality, and develop a growth mentality in which you will get better and better in your profession, a mentality thanks to which you will improve every single day. One of the most common traits among successful people is their habit of continuous and daily learning.

Movement creates emotions. The type of exercise does not matter, what matters is to create a habit of constant movement.

Your health is the head of an octopus, and tentacles are the other aspects of your life. Without the head in an optimal state, the rest of these tentacles will not function at their best, or even will not work at all. And living in a limbo of passivity and sedentary lifestyle, your life will not appear to you every day as a better version of your life than the previous day, it is a continuous process and requires movement.

Stop to think, recognize and appreciate your current results.

Ambition can become a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it motivates you to pursue your goals. On the other hand, it will never make you feel well enough, or show you that progress is happening, because you are so heavily fixated on the result that you always feel so far from your goal.

Try to track your progress on a daily basis. This allows you to see your daily growth, allows you to understand what is working and what is not. After all, everything that is measured improves with time.

The diary is one of the best ways to show and document success, happiness and growth in all components and areas of your life. Keeping a diary provides you with clarity about your goals, also improving your attention, your happiness and your confidence in yourself and in your abilities.

Get used to writing three things for which you feel gratitude every day, because this exercise can teach your brain to look for positive opportunities, and help it move to a decidedly much more optimistic mentality.

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