The rules of wealth and abundance

wealth-and-abundanceThere are precise rules to follow if you want to achieve wealth and abundance in your life. If you want to bring money, you need to take action. Only then will those changes take place that sooner or later bring you wealth and abundance.

By observing successful people, you can discover laws that govern the process of acquiring wealth. People who follow these rules earn a lot of money. In the other side, those who do not follow them remain in poverty.

Wealth is nothing but an energy flow that can be attracted to you only if specific exercises are practiced. The secret is in the daily practice of such exercises. That’s it. These are simple exercises where you do not need special skills and will only take a few minutes of your day.

Open the doors to abundance and prosperity

Most people do not realize how important money is to evolve, thinking that it is a dirty and evil thing. It is not so. Money is just a tool and it all depends on how you use it. The belief that money is the cause of all evil is totally false and was created many years ago to control people by preventing them from accessing abundance. It’s just a way to control the masses.
You must immediately abandon these concepts otherwise money can never flow towards you because you will unconsciously reject it. The value of money depends on your actions and how you use it.

Practical exercise to start changing your limiting beliefs.mind-beliefs-abundance

The statements. The affirmations are phrases that must be repeated every day to change the belief that you have about money and therefore also the reality that surrounds you. During the day, repeat this phrase to yourself (even aloud):

“The world is full of wealth and abundance that comes towards me”

Before repeating this sentence I suggest you find a quiet place and relax.

Express your desire with precision

Desire is the fundamental principle where all the work of attracting money and abundance is based. Unfortunately very often, it is we who prevent the realization of our desires, not the famous “destiny”. This is caused by our mental limitations that make doubts prevail over the flow of thoughts.

Exercises to be done to improve the quality of your life

1) Relax your mind with meditation. The mind to focus on a goal needs to be perfectly relaxed

2) Try to display one wish at a time. The unconscious must focus on just one desire to concentrate all your energy and avoid losing it.

3) Visualize in your mind the exact amount of money you want to own. It is necessary to visualize the precise amount and also the way in which you will use that money. As you will use money, it is almost more important than the money itself.

4) Decide what you want to give in exchange for the money obtained (your free time, the time spent on the job or anything else you want to give as an exchange).

5) Decide on the date. For example: “I want to earn $ 10,000 by August 30.

6) Elaborate and a careful project to reach your goal and start immediately to put it into practice.

7) Write a contract where the exact conditions will be above: the contract must contain the desired amount, what you will give in return, the date by which you will have to earn them, the description of the project drawn up.

8) This contract will have to be read 3 times a day: in the morning just awake, in the afternoon and in the evening before going to bed.

gratitudeHow gratitude is linked to wealth and abundance ?

You probably tried hard to get wealth, but despite this you always remained in poverty. This is because we lack gratitude.
Gratitude is the path that connects you to a higher energy from which all abundance and prosperity comes. In each of us there is a potential that can be transformed into everything we focus on. If you focus all your attention on something, you will end up materializing it. Ungrateful people are focused on the negative part of everything. Instead, the person who shows gratitude is focused on what is best and then realizes it. To bring wealth into your life you must learn to show gratitude for everything. Gratitude may seem a simple technique, but it is very effective. Start in the morning, thanking you for the new day that was given to you. Give thanks for everything that happens to you and you will see how the universe will be activated to give you a happy and joyful life.

Exercise to be done for gratitude: write on a sheet 10 things for which you are grateful. Reread this sheet all week every day saying “thank you for all these things I have received and continue to receive”.

Associate the right idea with money

We often associate negative emotions and thoughts with money. Corruption and dishonesty. This is very important because it conditions our existence determining the difference between rich man and poor man. Money, on the contrary, is nothing but a means, an energy. To increase the amount of money towards us, you need to increase the quality of what we can offer to others. By creating energy with added value, people will be happy to give you higher compensation than they have just received.

Reach weath and abundance by overcoming your limiting beliefs

Many people spend thousands of euros to attend courses or seminars to learn how to attract money. Inside these courses everything is explained in detail but in the end we do not get any results. Why? The answer is that we did not act on an unconscious level but only on an intellectual level.
To get on the path to prosperity, you have to break down the limiting beliefs about money that are in your unconscious.

money-idea-wealthYou are simply enslaved by your convictions: if someone in your life has told you that in order to earn and live you have to work hard, now this statement has been installed in your unconscious as a limiting belief. Your unconscious mind, in fact, every time you try to get close to the flow of abundance, it will take you away from it believing that you haven’t worked hard enough to deserve that money. If since your childhood they made you believe that money is a dirty thing and rich people are all dishonest now your subconscious believes that money is negative and keeps you away.

How can you change these limiting beliefs?

These beliefs have been installed in our unconscious because they have been repeated continuously throughout our lives. If you want to eliminate these beliefs, you need to replace them with other empowering beliefs. To do this you will have to repeat some positive phrases that will be imprinted on your unconscious.

Exercises to change beliefs:

1) Record your voice that repeats the phrase: “I am rich” and listen to it several times during each day.

2) Find a magnet and a small metal object. Put the magnet and the metal object each in one hand. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Open your eyes and bring the magnet close to the metal object until it is attracted by the magnet. Repeat this step 5 times. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Repeat this sentence three times: “I am a magnet that attracts wealth and abundance“.

The law of attraction is a universal law that acts for everyone equally. No matter where you live, who you are. The law of attraction is one of the laws governing the universe. However, in order for it to work, we need to focus on what we want to attract. Think of yourself as a powerful magnet.

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