What is Manifesting and how to use it

Manifesting is the art of manifesting the desired reality. The basic principle of Manifesting lies in the idea that thoughts have an influence on material reality. Through an adequate orientation of thoughts therefore, according to Manifesting, we can influence the flow of events in our life.

Sometimes, very simplistically, this principle is translated into the statement: “Thoughts become things“, or with the phrase: “Attract what you think“.

The practical bases of the Manifesting

To start manifesting the desired reality it is necessary to remove attention from what we DO NOT want and pay attention to what we want. This is the foundation, all too often underestimated, of all Manifestig practices, but be careful, it is not enough to feed positive thoughts … it is essential to align our deep emotions too, therefore the subconscious.

If I have had bad work or emotional experiences, every time I approach a new job or a new relationship a part of me will be prevented. This is why – from my point of view – it is essential to combine the correct emotional defusion techniques with those of simple focus of thoughts.

In brief, the basic tools of the event are the following:

– CONTINUOUS STUDY to deepen its principles.
VISUALIZATIONS to align thoughts to the end.
– EMOTIONAL IMMEDIMATION to vibrate in harmony with the goal.
– POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS repeated many times a day, to keep thoughts aligned and fertilize the subconscious little by little.
– REFORMULATION OF NEGATIVE PHRASES to change the old mental patterns and let go of the self-sabotaging ones.
– CLEANING of negative emotions.
GRATITUDE to facilitate a global positive change.

Ancient origins of the Manifesting

The principles of Manifesting have existed for millennia and, in different forms, can be found in various sacred texts. Dhammapada is a 5th century text. B.C. which reports the words that were spoken by Gautama the Buddha during his speeches, in the first verses we read:

“We are what we think.
All that we are is produced by our mind.
Every word or action that comes from a cloudy thought is followed by suffering,
as the cartwheel follows the ox’s hoof. ”

Recent origins of the Manifesting

In more recent times the principles of Manifesting were codified in the mid-1800s by thinkers such as: Phineas Quimby (1802-1866), Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882), Emma Curtis Hopkins (1849-1925) and many others.

The movement that is created takes on a strictly religious Christian connotation and is called “New Thought”. Other definitions are “Mental Science” and “Mind Cure Movement”.

The key points of the New Thought are the following: God’s Infinite Intelligence is everywhere and also in us; material experiences originate and are conditioned by mental states; thought connects us with divine power and through it we get sick but we can also heal ourselves. By means of an adequate positive formulation of thoughts we can, therefore, theoretically heal from any disease.

The Manifesting today

The principle known as the Law of Attraction, according to which thoughts attract the reality corresponding to them, has become very famous after the release in 2006 of the movie “The Secret”.

In the movie, the author Rhonda Byrne presents the theory and application of the Law of Attraction in the fields of money, relationships, health, personal well-being and also the collective well-being of the planet.

Someone does not like the overly American approach to the documentary – based on material well-being and a bit on sensationalism – does not like it. Personally I find “The Secret” an excellent starting point to deepen the knowledge of the principles of Manifesting.

Transurfing – or better, Reality Transurfing – illustrates a reality model made up of a single material dimension and an infinite number of potential alternative realities. Potential realities are called “Variants” and can be called up on the plane of material manifestation by attuning to them, with our thoughts and our inner emotions and sensations.

Our current life would actually be based on an already written destiny, but we can slip on another variant and choose a different and more congenial destiny. What we need to pay more attention to is not to fall prey to “pendulums”, fields of energy-consciousness born of collective thoughts and which manipulate human consciences in order to take energy away from them.


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