Why self-confidence it’s a secret weapon (video)

What does it mean to “have self-confidence?”
Confidence in yourself is confidence in your abilities and living your life in freedom.

Suffering from lack of self-confidence is one of the main causes of our suffering, in particular people with little faith in their abilities:

– They have a passive attitude
– They suffer from general inferiority
– They never run risks
– They have limiting beliefs
– They tend to give up easily
– They suffer from poor resilience
– They feel like they never know enough
– They are passive or aggressive

Fortunately, self-esteem can be increased by working day by day with some precautions. I want to show you the video below to understand why your self-confidence is the most important thing you have.

Pay attention to this: there are people who often, even without realizing it, will rob your self-esteem by repeating demotivating phrases or convincing us of faults that we do not have. Identify these people and re-evaluate their judgments carefully, don’t let them steal the security you have of yourself and try to become more emotionally independent.

If you do not enjoy high self-esteem, you can even go so far as to offer to you false image of yourself, the result of how we believe that others see us. All in search of external approval, a double-edged sword: if we get it, we are immediately happy, otherwise, we are flooded with malaise.

In any case, we will use the eyes of others to be able to see ourselves, because our sight is not enough for us. Dependent on the approval of others will perpetuate our malaise.

If we do not control our self-esteem, nobody will do it for us. Holding onto and observing how we see and value ourselves is fundamental to understanding the dangers to which we submit ourselves.

Most people look for trust and respect, in any part less than in themselves and for this reason the research is useless.

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