Why success is preceded by failure


To be successful, in small and big everyday challenges, defeats are often worth more than wins. An article about bankruptcy, its teachings and how to use them to achieve your goals.

During an interview dedicated to the troubled experimentation period of the incandescent electric bulb, Thomas Edison, the prolific inventor of General Electric, said: “I have never failed. I simply found 10,000 ways that won’t work. ” Many would have surrendered on the third attempt, but Edison had grasped the essence of the failure.

Failure is not an alternative to success. Failure is a requirement for success.

Here are 5 ways to turn bankruptcy into a strategy for success:

Change your mental model. When it comes to achieving a goal, many of us adopt a mental model in which success and failure are mutually exclusive: on the one hand we imagine the luxuriant path to success, free of obstacles and setbacks. On the other hand, we visualize the terrifying path of failure, made of pain and defeat. B

The crossroads is only in your mind, in reality the path to success swarms with obstacles and it is these obstacles that test our determination.

Once again: failure is not an alternative to success, failure is a requirement for success.

Learn to fail more. The more we fail, the more success we get. If you are not failing enough, there can only be two explanations: either your goals are not ambitious enough, or you are not doing anything to pursue your goals. By increasing your failures intentionally, you will increase your chances of success. Any “no” that you hear yourself repeating in the short term will be a step forward towards your goal. Try to think about it: have you really heard many “no”, or are you just afraid to hear many “no”?

Set “negative” goals. The “science” of goal setting prescribes that goals must always be formulated positively. The point is, some negative goals can be fun and effective. I’ll give you an example: imagine having to convince 10 people to support a cause you care about. You can set a “positive” goal to find 10 supporters, or … you can decide to look for supporters until you have found at least 100 opposing people. What goal do you think will bring you more results? Negative goals allow you to use bankruptcy to your advantage.

Celebrate your failures

f it is true that failing more often allows you to get closer to your goals faster, the time has come to start celebrating your failures! If you allow defeats to take you down, you will never have enough strength to reach your goals. Take the defeats on the break: celebrate them! Turn defeats into your mind into stages necessary for your success, stages to celebrate.

Train the “muscle” of courage. If failure is the means to success, courage is gasoline. To keep trying, even when you have failed many times now, you must have courage. For this you must train the “muscle” of courage. Whenever you face the fear of failure, take the initiative. Only in this way will the muscle of courage grow, together with your successes.

How do you live your defeats? Do you get overwhelmed or use them as a flywheel for your success?

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