Your mind is the key for any success

mind key for successThe mind is the key for your success. Training the brain every day allows you to manage not only your thoughts, but to live in a more peaceful way.

Human being is full of resources, very often hidden. The human being is the combination of body, mind and spirit.

Separate these elements, or to consider them separately and with watertight compartments, is at least dysfunctional to a healthy and balanced development of the person. In this article I would like to talk to you above all about the importance of managing the mind well.

The well-being of the person depends on the mind

The world we live in is made of matter, and it responds to the laws of physics and organic chemistry so that, if we want to live healthy and long, we cannot ignore taking care of our body. The world we live in is also made of energy, so we can’t even forget to tune in to that higher energy.

If on the one hand we have come to the awareness that we need to stay healthy and defend ourselves from the sedentary lifestyle and the poor nutritional quality of the food on the market today, on the other hand.

I believe that there is a lack of awareness of how much it is necessary to do the same also from the point of view of mental and spiritual view.

In this case we must not defend ourselves from the junk food, sedentary lifestyle and chemical contamination to which our body is subjected.

We must defend ourselves from stress, mental laziness, negative influences from other people, negative and limiting beliefs, and, not least, by the spontaneous tendency of the mind to think negatively.

That’s right already. The human mind, if not governed, tends to think about negative things, the worst. Just as the body, if not trained and cared for, tends to decay, the mind also needs continuous attention.

How to take care of your mind

The mind is our “bridge of command”, the button room, and it is absurd that most people don’t spend much time understanding how it works and how it can be governed better. First of all, I suggest you immediately buy some books that introduce you to this topic.

There is no better investment than a good book that can enrich your mind. While waiting to receive the purchased books at home, I anticipate two concepts that can certainly help you.

• The first is the following: the mind does not distinguish vividly imagined things from things actually experienced.

I’m saying that imagining something or really experiencing it can be the same for your mind. For example, at night when you dream, it can happen that you move in sleep because the mind does not know that it is “just imagination”. She reacts as if it were all true.

Can you understand its practical implications in everyday life? If during the day you happen to think about something you need to do, and you do it thinking negatively about the possibilities of failing, it will be as if your mind has already failed.

She does not know that they are only images. This will give you an inner state of fear, anxiety, stress … exactly the ideal conditions to … fail!

This is why it is said that we always tend to achieve the things we think about.

• The second key concept is: the mind does not encode negative commands.

Saying to yourself “You don’t have to get upset” is exactly like saying “Okay, get upset!”

Let’s try? Don’t think, I repeat, don’t think about the color of your car! Do not think about it! I know, I know … you couldn’t stop thinking about it … of course, the mind doesn’t recognize the “not”. Think of all the times you say to yourself “Let’s hope we don’t fail”, “Don’t do stupid things”, “Don’t fall for it another time” etc.

How to defend yourself from negative thoughts of the mind

Most people are plagiarized from their thoughts. They think about problems (even objectively true) and difficulties; they think about the probability of failing and being disappointed; they abandon themselves to catastrophic thoughts instead of governing their mind.

My invitation is to make an effort to imagine in your mind what you want to happen to you rather than what you don’t want to experience. Talk to yourself positively and create vivid, successful images. This is because it simply works.

Obviously the problems do not disappear, but you will face the situation in a different internal state (mental and physical).

I’d like to give you this example.

What if someone tries to harm you physically? Try to defend yourself! But how do you deal with those who damage you daily on a mental level? Perhaps, at best, you don’t even notice it. Often negative and limiting thoughts go undisturbed but are able to contaminate you and damage you enormously.

Do you want a proof?

Watch a full television news. I challenge you in the end not to feel a strange sense in stomach. Discomfort, stress, fear etc. The virus entered and made its effect. When it happens, take a deep breath and reprogram your thoughts. Defend yourself!

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